Small Business Checklist for Mid-Year & Year End Planning

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Mid-Year is the New New Year, don't you know? 

Half way in.  Half way to go.  Let's reset, recharge, and rock the rest of this year.

I built a short list & crowdsourced other amazing ideas of things you might want to add to your mid-year checklist.

Grab your planner!!

You will want to write some of these down.

Financial Updates

Document expenses + organize receipts from expenses incurred year-to-date
Process for tracking expenses is buttoned up for the second half
Check in w/ Accountant
Update the budget
See where you are tracking against revenue goals + update revenue targets
Receive w9s from any vendors you've paid or will pay more than $600 USD to in 2013 so you aren't scrambling at year end

90 Day Plan

Set solid revenue goals for upcoming 90 days
Marketing planning
Upcoming partnerships
Make note of critical operations + systems needs



Are all of the links on your website working?
Check in with your best customers to say hello + love them up
Do you need to update your Facebook tab/images?
Update + organize your files (electronic + paper)


Here's what 12 Entrepreneurs are doing Mid-Year for Year-End Success

business checklist Making sure my financials are looking beautiful. – Farideh Danger


katrinaScreen Shot 2013-07-16 at 10.59.49 PMHiring. A lot of decisions are made in January and October. – Katrina Padron


mid yearAt the end of the year I always have big dreamy eyes and think anything is possible. After hustling for the first six months of the year it's easy to lose the big picture. Mid-year is a great time to remember what your bigger goals are. – Courtney Johnston

business checklistTake a snapshot of my business so far, think of the extra items on my list and create the action steps. A New Years resolution in shorter term! – Jenny Dopazo

checklistPost and schedule content! Try new systems! Plan next year's calendar! Travel especially. Conferences and courses. – Jessica Kupferman

checklistMid year tax planning and cash flow forecasting – Malaika Paul


  mid-yearLook at media outlets to pursue in the new year to start fostering and building relationships for when the time comes to pitch a book, product or service. Develop a media strategy to include tv, radio, print, social around the entire plan to get more attention come pitch time. – Denise Antoon

business checklistDevelop new offerings for the following year and start taking note on what is currently working, and what needs improvement. Start actively commenting on and interacting with blogs where you'd like to possibly guest post next year. – Suzi Istvan 

business checklistEvaluate if there are places in your business your are spending time and energy that you shouldn't be doing, evaluate if your marketing efforts are bringing in your ideal customers, and if your marketing dollars and energy are focused in that direction, determine if you are using your employees to the the very best of their abilities or if there is something you could do to make them happier and more effective at the same time. – Michaela Laughrin

Business ChecklistI'm going deeper into my spiritual practice and asking for direction on what projects need my attention. No time for frantic activity…want to make sure my action is focused and on point. Best to do with a clear head (thanks to meditation!) – Alison Hummel

business checklistKeep improving my mindset when it comes to receiving. Build a new support group of amazing biz besties that better suits the new direction my business is heading. – Melissa Khodai-Burkheimer

Business ChecklistDesigning my holiday cards for my clients now so I'm not rushed to send them to the printer later. Lining up projects for 2014. Booking travel for dec/jan. – Michelle Martello  


Wow!! I know I got some new ideas from that.  Good stuff!!

Next Up:

1) Tell us in the comments, what's on your mid-year checklist? 

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See you in the comments!


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