How to Build Out Your Modern CEO Must-Do List

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Welcome to the final installment of the four-part Modern CEO Must-Do List series on the Right on Time podcast.

That’s right — we’ve made it to the end and we’re going to pull it ALL together in this one!

This series is one that is close to my heart, because I have not only lived the Modern CEO life for some time, but I’ve helped so many other Modern CEOs work to grow and expand their businesses.

The role of Modern CEO is one with so many unique challenges, stresses, and responsibilities — but it can also be SO incredibly rewarding.

My goal with this series is to help you prepare for and more easily navigate these challenges, so that you can cut down on the stress and find more enjoyment in the journey!

If you haven’t heard the first three episodes of this series, I highly recommend you go back and check them out, because each episode lays the foundation for the following one. You can find them here:​

          First Episode

          Second Episode

          Third Episode

Throughout this series, you’ve learned about the four stages of business growth, how to identify each stage, what your top priorities should be, which mindset you should adopt, and how to develop your leadership as you transition into the CEO-Up stage.


In my latest podcast episode, you’ll discover:

  • Exactly what belongs on your To-Do List at each of the four stages of business growth
  • Why your KPIs deserve your devoted attention at EVERY stage of your business — and how to build that attention into your To-Do Lists
  • How to ensure that everything you do pushes your business forward


And as an extra bonus, you’ll learn about my latest mini-program, the 2020 Planathon: The Edit (because we’ve seen some CHANGES this year)! 

Listen below!



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You are right on time.



3:07  The Modern CEO, lockdown & new levels of focus

8:03  What should go on your Start-Up To-Do List?

9:06  “In the start-up phase, talk to one person every day about your offer. It could be one-to-one or on social media.”

11:02  What should go on your Ramp-Up To-Do List?

11:37  “Set aside a block of time to take care of your clients every single day. You made the sales, now you want to start serving.”

13:37  What should go on your Scale-Up To-Do List?

14:32  “Do some daily mindset work. Limiting beliefs come up throughout our entrepreneurial career.”

16:05  What should go on your CEO-Up To-Do List?

16:45  “Making time for big-picture thinking is now a part of your job.”

17:50  Why your KPIs deserve your devoted attention at all stages

18:58  “Book out three hours a week on your calendar of CEO time, and be protective of this time.”

20:32  Always, ALWAYS, be moving your business forward

22:45 The 2020 Planathon – The Edit (we’ve had some big changes!)


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