How to Thrive Through Your Brand’s Growing Pains

by | May 13, 2020 | Blog, Business Planning, Growth

Get excited, my friend — we have made it to the third installment of our Modern CEO series!

In our previous episode, we talked about how to shift into a Modern CEO growth mindset. In the episode before that, I laid out the four phases of building a business — and what you should be focusing on in each stage.

(If you haven’t listened to those episodes yet, I highly recommend that you do so!)

Now, I want to build on these ideas even further and focus on how to navigate each stage of business growth without falling into the most common pitfalls.

I like to call them the ‘red alerts’ or danger zones!

These red alerts vary from stage to stage, but they all have something in common: they can lead to overwhelm and self-doubt.

And they can lead to you getting ‘stuck’.

As a Modern CEO, you simply don’t have time to get derailed from your growth plan! So I’m here to help you identify these red alert moments — and make your way through them with ease!

Oh, and I also want to share with you my absolute favorite strategy for dealing with an overwhelming inbox (consider it a really helpful bonus)!

In my latest podcast episode, you’ll discover:

  • The life-saving D-D-D strategy — the best way to regain control over an unruly inbox!
  • How to recognize the red alert moments or danger zones in each stage of business growth
  • How to navigate red alerts with confidence and keep on keeping on with your amazing growth trajectory!

Whoo boy! We have a lot to cover here, so let’s get started! Listen below!


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You are right on time.


1:32 To-Do Lists can get out of control — learn to tame them!

3:29 The D-D-D strategy that will save your sanity

4:56 How exactly does a To-Do List grow so quickly?

5:35 “An endless To-Do List isn’t helpful because it hasn’t been prioritized. The Modern CEO Must-Do List helps us reframe and prioritize for what’s important to the business.”

6:40 Case Study: Three Boudoir

10:49 The Modern CEO stair analogy

11:52 “Let’s be very real about the season we are in right now with COVID … there is nothing normal about this.”

12:05 The Modern CEO danger zone – the Start-Up phase

12:23 “So many talented business owners and modern CEOs get stuck in this [start-up] phase thinking it’s got to be perfect.”

13:45 The Modern CEO danger zone – the Ramp-Up phase

14:28 “Do not try to boil the ocean. Focus on what truly matters to you and your business.”

16:55 The Modern CEO danger zone – the Scale-Up phase

18:26 “Sometimes, there are breakdowns before the breakthrough. But, if you can double-down on what’s working, you will break through and scale this business.”

19:03 The Modern CEO danger zone – the CEO-Up phase

19:35 “As you scale your business, you’re also scaling the impact you can make with it.”

21:07 Coming up on the next episode!


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