How to Embrace a Modern CEO Mindset at Each Stage of Growth!

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Running a business is ALL about adaptability.

I don’t just mean adapting to unforeseen major global events (hello, 2020!), but also adapting to the different stages of growth that a successful business will inevitably move through.

From start-up … to CEO-up.

In our last episode, I talked about what Modern CEOs should be focusing on throughout the four stages of business growth: Start-Up, Ramp-Up, Scale-Up, and CEO-Up.

Today, I want to talk about the MINDSET that we want to embrace at each of these stages, as we nurture our businesses from one level of growth to the next (and develop our amazing leadership skills)!

Just as we must have different areas of focus for each of these stages, we also need to shift our ways of thinking at each stage.

In this way, a Modern CEO mindset is more like a mind-GROWTH — you need to be able to let go of past modes of thinking and embrace new ones.

After all, you’ll need to embody a different type of energy and be open to a different set of possibilities in the Start-Up stage than in the Scale-Up stage!

And I can’t wait to help you make that shift!

In my latest podcast episode, you’ll discover:

  • The vital importance of adaptability … especially in these turbulent times
  • Why the term “mindset” should make you think of “mind growth” — and how to make that shift
  • The four Modern CEO mindsets and how they align with the CEO Must-Do List


Listen below!



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You are right on time.



1:32 A quick update & embracing your space of transition

02:40 Did the Planathon 2019 then COVID-19 hit — now what??

03:53 “As Modern CEOs, we’re running different sorts of businesses right now … this Modern CEO is adaptable.”

04:46 The CEO Must-Do List and Maturity Map

07:34 “This idea of being adaptable is so unbelievably right-on-time and necessary for us as leaders, because of the current state of affairs.”

08:58 For the Modern CEO, “Mindset” really means mind growth

09:45 The four frameworks of your leadership mind growth

10:36 If you’re in the Start-Up phase — ‘Start Before You’re Ready’

12:13 If you’re in the Ramp-Up phase — ‘Slow Down To Speed Up’

13:32 If you’re in the Scale-Up phase — ‘Trust and Be Open to the Possibility of What is to Come’

15:33 If you’re in the CEO-Up phase — ‘Free Yourself’

18:09 “Are you being accountable to yourself? Are you taking ownership? Are you in the weeds or focused on priority items?”

19:30 “Your leadership is needed more now than ever. You cannot lead us forward if you have an attachment to the past and your old ways of being and doing.”


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