Making the Move: What You Should Do When You Arrive in a New Country

by | Feb 13, 2023 | Blog, Business Planning, Family, Goal Setting, Growth, Life Goals, Right On Time Podcast, Strategy

Dreaming of your new life abroad yet?

In the past two episodes of this series, we have talked about how my family has ended up moving out of the US and the 10 practical steps you need to take when considering moving abroad. 

This episode is about the more nuanced things you will want to do during and after your move. These are the things that you might not think about until you are on the ground in your new country, but considering them now will help you settle in a bit faster. 

You can expect things to be different than you are used to. You are likely moving to a country with a different culture surrounding it. You are definitely moving to a place with different histories, systems, and ways of life. 

My biggest tip is to go into this entire journey with an open mind. Staying fluid and going with the flow will help you enjoy the process and settle into your new surroundings with much more ease.


Listen into this latest podcast episode AS I TALK ABOUT:

  • The nuances of systems in different countries
  • What to do when you first get to a new county
  • The importance of going with the flow in a new country

Listen belowor hang out with me on video!

You are Right On Time. 

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01:45 Preparations for coming to live abroad
03:29 How we started living this lifestyle
07:19 Creating a life overseas while running a business
09:58 Starting the Amber McCue Business
11:36 My husband’s career change
13:05 Embracing the adventures


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