Making the Move: A Day in My Life living in Africa

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Welcome to the final episode of the Making the Move series.

We have talked all about how my family and I prepared our lives for living overseas, the 10 practical steps to take to get ready for your move, and the more nuanced considerations for during your move. 

In this final episode, I am giving you a peak behind the curtain. This is what a Day in my life looks like while I am in Africa. 

Honestly, my life goes on as normal with routines, work, family-life, adventures, and all the tasks that come along with those things.

However, I am in a timezone that is five hours ahead of New York! Which means I am at least 5 hours (sometimes more) ahead of my team and most of my clients! 

I run a service based business where I have to be available for calls and to lead my time while they are online. This episode is all about how I create balance between working with my clients and team, getting my own to-do list completed, and my family and personal time.

Listen into this latest podcast episode AS I TALK ABOUT:

  • Why I LOVE my mornings
  • How a typical day runs for me
  • Balance and adventures

Listen belowor hang out with me on video!

You are Right On Time. 



01:18 How does living abroad look like
01:46 What I love most about living abroad
02:06 Making my mornings my own
04:40 Tips to manage your business while being away
06:44 Activities to do on weekends
07:34 New adventures with the family
09:01 Setting up your schedule for everything



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