Nice Approved – February, 2014 Edition

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Have you ever wondered….

  • Who should I work with?

  • Who are the best companies to buy from?

  • Who are the best coaches or consultants on the planet?

Simply put, who stands out and provides something over the top?

There are so many options and it can be a tad overwhelming, to say the least. We are here to help with our “Nice Approved” directory!

In late 2013, we introduced the Nice Approved directory. Our hand-picked list of businesses that are nicer than usual. That set themselves apart with that something extra.

We are back with our latest edition, introducing the….

Nice Approved List :: February 2014

Tax Time!!!

Are you stressing about your money as you work on your 2013 taxes?

Wait! Are you even thinking about your 2014 taxes yet?  If not, now’s the time and I’ve got a guy for you!

My tax guy, Tim Quinn – over at – is fantastic.

Everyone I have referred him to reports back happy news.  That’s one of the best signs of running NiceOps.  He’s giving everyone amazing service and he has the referrals to prove it!

Embarrassed about your tax situation?

One person I referred was stressed about their money, embarrassed a bit even.  Not with Tim.  He’s so calm, cool, and compassionate you won’t stress a bit or feel judged with him.

Want better communication from your tax professional?

Another wanted better communication that she had received from her last accountant.  Within minutes of reaching out to Tim, he had already responded to her AND sent me a thank you note for the referral.

Have you outgrown the once-and-done tax services offered by the big guys like H&R Block?

Having worked with Tim year round, I can assure you this level of service don’t wax or wane before, during, or after tax season.  Tim is steady and consistent 365 days a year.  Unexpectedly, he checked in with me over the summer to see how I was doing, to share some ideas he had for me, my family, and my business, and to generally meet on my tax situation considering a growing business.

NiceOps. 100% Nice Approved. – Tax professional.

Marie Forleo’s B-School

Have you heard the buzz about Marie Forleo’s B-School?

The web is full of chatter and offers related to Marie Forleo’s B-School.  This program that only runs once a year, and it’s one of the more popular programs around.

To be 100% honest, last year, I simply would not have put Marie Forleo’s B-School on the Nice Approved list.

Let me explain. When I started B-School, I was a bit disappointed as I personally found the content fairly basic.  My expectations were out of line with what I’d seen leading up to B-School and I was looking for more. (Especially after the amazing marketing campaign and music videos.)

I’ve been in B-School from the beginning, so I’ve seen it really evolve over the past few years.  The community is second to none. The marketing is over the top and something that everyone doing business online can learn from.

This time last year, I had a lot of questions about how things were run, and why more wasn’t done to leverage and benefit the community.

B-School 2014 has laid those concerns to rest.

Team Forleo is changing things up, and I could not be more excited about things like:

 Advanced Training

More recently the B-School bonuses have improved to offer advanced level training in addition to all of the foundational elements that are covered in the core program.

More Community Engagement From Marie

In addition, the B-School team has changed the style of the B-School community and has indicated Marie will be more involved in the community going forward. Smart move!

Operational Success

Outside of what business owners learn while engaging in B-School, Marie and her team do an outstanding job of marketing, operations, and timely customer follow-up. It’s great to see this from the inside.

B-School:: Now Nice Approved

Say what you will. B-School offers industry leading training and does business in a way that’s truly nice.  Being “nice approved” means providing great service, smart biz ops, and that certain something. The B-School experience of 2014 is Nice Approved.

I’m going to be straightforward, because that’s what’s being nice is all about.

One thing B-School can’t offer is intimacy.

That’s where NiceOps comes in.


Get Nicer With B-School

It is easy to get lost in a sea of thousands of entrepreneurs who are vying for the expertise of Marie and her guest teachers.

While B-School is Nice Approved, the reality is that to make your business “happen” you need more than just knowledge.  As a B-School grad who works with many other B-School grads, I know first hand that the magic happens when you implement. When you have personalized, one-on-one support.

The other thing I know is that you may have seen A LOT of B-School bonus offers. I encourage you to find the one that is right for you and your business.  Before you invest a single penny find the one that will help you get exactly what you need out of your B-School experience.


We are offering up bonuses that will ensure you get a better, nicer B-School experience.  That help you take your experience to the next level.

Check out the B-School + NiceOps Bonuses here.

You can check out many more B-School bonus options over at Loralee Hutton’s website where she has put together a list of more than 100 B-School bonus options — Wowsa!!!

Naturally, I think we’ve got the Nicest Bonuses around. (Not that we’re biased or anything.)

So, What’s it Take to Get Nice Approved?

We want to highlight unique businesses — big and small — that will help you grow your business and live a better life. Nice Approved companies have these qualities :::

– Do things different than all the rest

– Stand out in their industry as a leader

– Know how to treat a customer right

– Create an experience

– Working with them is easy peasy lemon squeezy

– They have smart business operations, as in they take care of themselves AND their business and create win-win solutions (win for the customer, win for the business).

Nice Approved!!

The Nice Approved directory will build over time as we add new companies to the Nice List each month. Prior editions of the Nice Approved releases can be found here:

Nominate Companies You Know + Love to Be Nice Approved

Next month, we are highlighted Nice Approved companies that were or will soon be nominated by YOU.  That’s right! We want YOU to share the love by telling us who your favorite businesses are.

Follow this link to nominate your favorite companies to be Nice Approved. Feel free to give them a shout and out and share your favorite companies in the comments below.

I can’t wait to hear what you think about all of this!

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