Is your Business being Naughty or Nice?

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Naughty or Nice

Making a list, checking it twice…

Has your business been naughty or nice this year?

It's okay if you've been a little naughty this year – There's a lot to be learned from breaking the rules, even if you are the one making the rules. Tis' the season to reflect and identify ways you are going to get Nice Listed in 2014.

It is also the season of giving, so read to the end to find out how to get some Nice Swag mailed to your home address from moi!

Confession:: I did all sorts of Naughty things in my business this year.

How was I Naughty in 2014?

It is a long list so I'll give you my top three right now.

The NiceOps blog was neglected for many months and I didn't regularly produce, share, and distribute content. Want proof of this? Just look back at the dates on my blog. Okay. Don't look. No need to further explore my mess ups! 😉 Just trust me and learn from my “mistakes.” As it turns out, as much as people harp on publishing content, I didn't actually need to do this to meet my 2014 revenue targets. I did engage with people in other ways like through the 2014 Planathon and in the 2013 Summer Clone Camp (coming back in Summer 2014). The 2014 Planathon and Clone Camp were a ton of fun for me because I was actually interacting and engaging with my clients and prospects in those events. I like to connect.

Naughty Lesson Learned #1

Create opportunities for connection in my content marketing strategy or I'll likely continue being naughty here! 😉

Surprise!!! I found out surprise baby #3 is on the way to the McCue household. I cried. This doesn't fit into my PLAN. I got excited for my growing family. My soon to be 3 year old is going to love this and I always saw myself having a bunch of little ones around me. I almost completely shut down due to mega-morning sickness and a resurgence of hormone induced migraines. Pregnancy rocks my body. Did it impact my business performance? Heck yes!! Was it the worst thing ever? Heck no – It will probably end up being the best thing ever in so many ways. This little surprise is challenging me to further practice what I preach and believe in.

Naughty Lesson Learned #2

Planning is everything and plans are useless, especially super detailed long-term plans! 90 day plans for the win! Slow and steady wins the race. Focus on what you do best and outsource the rest!

My final naughty lesson is about making investments in your business. When you are clear on where your business is headed, how you best learn, and wear your own personal weaknesses are, it is much easier to identify the support, coaching, mentoring, and training you need to take your business to the next level. I made considerable investments in my business in coaching and mentoring that proved to not be as high in ROI as I intended because they didn't align with the way I best learn, work, and want to be supported. I like personal. I like for it to be a two way relationship. I like to be seen and to see and support others as well – It's a two way street in my book.

Naughty Lesson Learned #3

Pay attention to all the self awareness work you do and apply that to your business investments!

How will I be Nice in 2014?

Nice Listed isn't about the NiceOps way of doing business or about doing something by someone else's rules. Getting Nice Listed, and NiceOps in general, is about doing the right thing for you, your business, and your clients.

What you do to get Nice Listed might be very different that what I do or what your business guru does because your Nice List activities need to align with your business vision and support what stage of business you are in.

Here's a short list of ways you can get nice listed in 2014.

You can bet I'll be picking several items from this list to take my business to the next level in 2014.

– Create your vision statement
– Identify your priorities
– Align your action steps with your priorities
– Create your 90 day plan
– Stay in action. Start with just one thing you need to do to move your goals forward.
– Set up a budget
– Get the right mentors and coaches on your side
– Set up your dream team
– Set up a scorecard. What gets measured gets managed
– Create systems that support you, your team, and keep your customers front and center
– Create mind-blowing experiences for your clients
– Identify one thing you can do different than the competition to wow your customers and standout as the leader in your field or industry
– Focus on what matters + Get results for your business
– Get results for your clients
– Create a sales plan
– Take one step to act on your sales plan
– Identify new revenue streams
– Try something new — Take a risk
– Set up a schedule, structure, and routines that work for you
– Line up something you can do in Q1 2014 to get inspired and innovate
– Schedule a CEO Retreat for yourself
– Set up your customer segments
– Take the Nice Biz Quiz to get your wheels turning more!

Take Action!!

You know it and I know it. Nothing changes and you won't move to the next level unless you take action, jackson!

Nice Challenge

#1) Identify just one thing you are going to do in 2014 to get yourself nice listed!
#2) Post in a comment below or click to tweet the thing you are going to do to #getnicelisted
#3) Pop your name, address, and email address here to get some Nice Swag that will be delivered straight to your physical address and will help you move ahead in 2014.

Remember – This isn’t about what I think you should do, it isn’t about what your momma thinks you should do, it isn’t about your kids. This is about what you need to do for you, your business, and your customers to #getnicelisted in 2014.

Nice Swag

Nice Swag that will help you move your business ahead in 2014 will be mailed to the first 50 people who get in on the action and complete the Nice Challenge above. EVERYONE who completes the Nice Challenge above will receive a digital version of the swag. Are you with us!?

Report in here ::

Let’s #getnicelisted together in 2014!!



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