Is it Time? You’re Fired!! Find out with Our Org Chart Template.

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There comes a time in everyone’s business when you will need to fire yourself from something or another.  Not necessarily because you are bad at it, but because you need to focus on different things as your business grows and evolves.

For example, just this weekend I was finalizing 1099s and taking a look at my books.  As I sat there I thought, I’d REALLY like to be working on the webinar and the next launch of CEO School – The place modern entrepreneurs come when they want to grow their business.

Guess what I’m getting fired from next?! 😉

Check out this video and the free download to see how to set yourself up for growth.


Feel like reading while you listen?  Here are the key pieces of info from the video:

Don't have an org chart yet?! Just a team of one, and think you don't need an org chart?! You are way wrong.

Let's back it up a little bit.  Your org chart is a one page visual document that outlines who in the organization is doing what.  For example, you, my friend, are probably at the top of this org chart filling the CEO or the Chief Everything Officer role.  In addition, there is someone who is taking care of sales.  There is someone who is taking care of marketing, of bookkeeping, the client experience, and your client delivery.  Now if you are sitting there thinking – “yeah, I do all of that.  It's me! Amber! I'm the one! It's all me!” – this still applies to you.  Now you're gonna set up your org chart with all of these roles and we have a template below that you can download to start filling in the blanks immediately.

You're going to map out what these roles are and then you're gonna start putting names next to it.

Now granted, it might be you.

It might be your name in most of these boxes to start.

And that is ok.

What this resource will help you do is to identify areas where maybe you aren't spending enough time, maybe you're not giving enough attention, so you need to fire yourself.

Yes, I've been fired a few times. But I gotta tell you, it's not such a bad thing.  By firing yourself from some of these roles and responsibilities that you think you have to do because no one else can or no one else can do that is as good as you can, you will be able to focus on the things that you are really good at, and they are ultimately going to help you grow your business.

In fact, it's a self-made millionaire and billionaire mindset that outsources things that somebody else can do better than they can.

Research in Business Brilliant shows the middle class will continue to DIY things that they think they can do for as long as they can instead of finding someone else to do them.  You are moving into self-made millionaire and billionaire status, my friend.

Next up – Download our org chart template.

Identify those things that maybe someone else can do better than you.

Even if it's not something that you start to outsource next week. Even if they aren't things that you start to move off your plate a month from now. You're gonna start laying the foundation in identifying those areas that you're really good at. That you can use to grow your business.

You're gonna start to plan to how you can ultimately fire yourself from the things that you do not do best.

Let us know in the comments where you are going to focus and where you might need to fire yourself.

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