From $2 Paycheck to Profitability: Strategies for growing your business during difficult times

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I am so excited to introduce you to Elizabeth Caran, the visionary owner of Outlander Travel.

A full-service travel agency that specializes in crafting extraordinary leisure experiences, as we dive into the remarkable growth of her business and the profound significance of being immersed in diverse cultures and ways of life through travel.

Elizabeth is a client – I am a client of hers – and she is someone I deeply respect for who she is and how she runs her business. If you resonate with Elizabeth’s journey, and her results, book a call with us at

In this episode, we explore the world of travel with Elizabeth but are going well beyond destinations. We dive into the heart of travel as a gateway to experiencing global cultures. Elizabeth shares her own awe-inspiring experiences, including the unforgettable safari she embarked on with her children. The memories they created were nothing short of magic, evoking laughter and deep reflection on the moments when their vacations seemed endless.

The path to success is often punctuated with challenges, and Elizabeth's journey is no exception. As the world grappled with the uncertainties brought on by the pandemic, Elizabeth confronted a series of obstacles. She is a travel agent suddenly in a world where travel was banned. She used this time as an opportunity for introspection, focusing on strategic planning and investing in her business.

Don't miss this conversation with Elizabeth. As we are in the midst of yet another uncertain time with inflation still on the rise, it’s time to get strategic just like Elizabeth did.

Ready to be captivated by her story of growth, resilience, and chasing her dreams? Give this episode a listen then let me know your thoughts. I can’t wait to hear from you.


In This Episode:

  • On a personal mission that drives results: Cultural immersion through travel
  • The key ingredient: Why you need to be strategic in planning for your business
  • It’s inevitable: Navigating highs and lows in business
  • I so get it: Balancing business and family

Elizabeth is such an inspiration in this episode. I know you’ve been feeling highs and lows recently too. Maybe you even feel like the lows have been coming more often than the highs. I want to leave you with this amazing quote from Elizabeth.

“I think that the important thing is to look forward and say, is there a way out? And there always is, whether you can see what that way is or not. And to keep moving. Even if you're not sure you're moving in the right direction, you're probably not moving in the wrong direction. You may be going left when you should go right, but you can always correct.”

You, my friend, are Right on Time.



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Outlander Travel



04:00 Elizabeth’s business

07:46 Elizabeth’s 11-year journey

14:29 “Even if you’re not sure you’re moving in the right direction, you’re probably not moving in the wrong direction”

20:13 Describing the elements of Elizabeth’s business growth

27:48 How does Elizabeth feel now at work

32:41 “Even if I do it differently, it’s not probably gonna be wrong. It’ll just be different.”

33:00 The differentiator of Elizabeth’s team

40:19 What’s next in Elizabeth’s business

42:45 Where to find Elizabeth

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