5 Steps to Selling in a Discovery Session (That Do Not Feel Like Selling)

by | Mar 24, 2016 | Blog, Growth, Money Honey, Success | 4 comments

Are you growing a business?

Do you want to do more business?

If you are not already doing one-on-one discovery sessions with your prospects, it may be worth considering if you want to ramp things up in short order!

It’s an especially excellent strategy is you are selling high ticket items or you are just starting out and are still growing your list.

I know – I know, listing building, funnels, and online marketing are where the jam. But while you are building up those things, giving people a little personal TLC can go a long way. Not too mention, while you are ramp up a list and building your funnel, the personal TLC can help you bring money in the door in the meantime.

If you are wondering:

  • What is a discovery session?
  • Should you do discovery sessions?
  • How can you use discovery sessions or consults to let your products sell themselves?

Personally, the idea of selling makes me feel pretty ick, but the idea of helping to solve problems and making people's lives easier gets me completely excited. With that in mind, my goal for discovery sessions is that people see I understand their challenge (assuming I actually do) and that I can help them. Then – my big challenge – they actually ask ME about how they can work with me, versus me asking if they want to work with me.

See what I mean in the video below. And before you watch, grab this download to follow along and plan your consult process too.

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