Making the Move: 10 Practical Steps for Moving Abroad

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As someone who has lived in several different countries, I am here to give you my top 10 things to think about when moving abroad. 

These are going to be my top 10 very practical and important things you need to consider when you are moving to (or thinking about moving) to a new county. 

Moving to a new country where you may not know anyone and where things might be very different culturally can seem very daunting. A million things are probably going to race through your head. 

I completely understand! I’ve done international moves a few times now and want to break down for you what you will want to consider and get into action on before your move and once you are on the ground. 

These considerations, in my opinion, will set you up for success in your new home and help you with getting settled a bit quicker. 


In this episode we are covering the biggest areas of life you are going to need to consider:

  • International mail and phone services 
  • Medical care
  • Food
  • Schools and Community
  • Taking things with you

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You are Right On Time. 

Up Next: What you should do when you arrive in a new country


00:35 Living life abroad
02:24 Putting things in storage
06:56 Setting up a Whatsapp account
07:27 Contact your phone provider
09:02 Importance of setting up a VPN
10:41 Check available Mail Service
11:24 Why you need a UPS supply (Uninterrupted Power Supply)
13:20 All about medical orientation
16:10 Finding grocery stores near you
18:36 Looking up schools and extracurricular activities for your family
21:28 Getting plugged into the new community


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