Why Your Sales Stink (And How to Fix It)!

by | Apr 20, 2021 | Blog, Right On Time Podcast, Sell Better

Does it ever seem like you’re just shouting into a marketplace full of a zillion people doing exactly what you’re doing?

Do you feel like your message is getting lost in all that noise?

Maybe… you need to lower your voice to a whisper.

That’s the advice given by my favorite sales guru, Colin Boyd, the creator of the Sell from Stage Academy and the author of the Sell With Story guide.

The trick? You have to whisper the right words into the right ears!

Here’s the thing: if you want your webinar (or any lead generation creation) to really resonate with your audience, you need to change what you talk about — and how you talk about it.

“What I realized was my course wasn’t the problem. It was how I was talking about my course. No one cares about my course, all they care about is their problems,” Colin says. “You shouldn’t obsess about your product. You have to obsess about the problem.”

Let me repeat that for the people in the back: no one cares about your course.

They only care about their problem.

So, that’s the hook you need to use to get them engaged. Figure out the right words, aim them at the right ears, and you’ll be practically printing money!

In the latest episode of the Right on Time podcast, Colin spills some pretty mind-blowing secrets about listening to what your audience REALLY wants and how to turn a run-of-the-mill webinar into a sales powerhouse through the magic of infusion selling.

If you just asked “what the heck is infusion selling?!”, then you NEED to hit play right now! It’s a game-changer!

In my latest podcast episode, you’ll discover:

  • The big mistake people make when teaching on free webinars (that winds up costing them conversions)
  • Why you should infuse selling throughout your seminar — instead of tacking on an obvious pitch! 
  • How to use “micro-decisions” to boost your audience’s level of commitment!


Listen below!



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You are right on time.



01:47  Meet Colin Boyd   

02:21  Selling from the stage

05:46  Numbers & conversion rates

09:16  “Why isn’t this selling??”

12:06  Getting people to connect

15:09  Sales as service

16:53  You gotta commit!

21:11  How micro-decisions work

24:34  Engagement & infusion selling

26:52  Transitioning to the pitch

28:14  Listening to our audiences

31:02  The 3 questions your audience is asking

32:54  Obsess about the problem, not the product

34:40  Final guidance

36:14  Free training > ambermccue.com/colin


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About Colin Boyd

Colin Boyd has spent the last 8 years in coaching, corporate training, and keynote speaking around the world, enabling people to become the best version of themselves. He helps speakers, coaches, and consultants increase their influence and leverage their passion into a successful business.

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