Why You Need to Update Your Digital Marketing Strategy

by | Dec 2, 2021 | Blog, Freshly Implemented, Goal Setting, Right On Time Podcast

What do math and marketing have in common?

They’re two superpowers belonging to my friend and client, Michelle Williams!

Michelle is a full-time math educator and entrepreneur who helps other math teachers who work with struggling learners create math intervention plans, close learning gaps, and increase student achievement through her membership, The IgnitED Teacher.

Inspired by the huge shifts in education that came up during the pandemic, Michelle launched her first online program in October of 2020. Unlike many other programs purchased through schools, Michelle’s clients can access their membership no matter where they wind up teaching.

Over the course of just ONE year, Michelle’s membership grew from 5 members… to 65!!

Michelle is creating big impact not only for her clients, but for their students as well, and she is expanding her reach through digital marketing strategies focused on growing her visibility and delivering value to her audience.

 In this conversation, we cover how to stay focused on those $100 bills, Michelle’s big vision for The IgnitED Teacher, and how she worked through her Instagram apathy and made Reels work for her!

In my latest podcast episode, you’ll discover:

  • How Michelle went from feeling insecure about her lack of visibility to having to turn down speaking engagements because her calendar is too full!
  • Why MORE content isn’t always better when it comes to memberships — and when to focus on digestibility over quantity
  • How Michelle stays on top of the rapid changes in digital marketing and navigates them seamlessly to keep creating MAJOR impact!
Listen below!


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02:45  Meet Michelle Williams

04:38  The Modern CEO

06:15  Michelle’s unique membership

07:45  Building confidence

09:08  Key steps to grow visibility

12:00  The membership journey

14:49  How Michelle stayed in the game

16:10  Listening to feedback

18:40  Slow down to speed up!

20:23  BombBomb

21:45  Assessing & adapting

24:03  Instagram & Reels

26:01  Leadership traits

26:59  Future intentions & goals

28:50  Union work

30:13  10 years from now

31:27  Prioritizing & getting into action

35:09  Final thoughts

37:27  $100 bills & TikTok


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