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My Dad Wanted Me to be a Lawyer

I have no idea what my mom wanted me to be, except happy. She's a bit of a hippy and read lots and lots of Edgar Cacy, Eckart Tolle, and Deepak Chopra to me when I was growing up. That about sums up everything you need to know about my mom right now. 😉

My dad on the other hand had a definite point of view regarding what I should do with mylife. He wanted me to be an attorney.  Now, I don't want you to get the wrong idea, my dad's a fun loving guy!  He's the life of the party and yes, he was probably “that” guy in college.  He gives away anything he's got if there is someone who needs – or wants – it more than he does.

But he wanted me to be an attorney to ignite positive change in the world and I'm certain a part of him wanted to make sure that I knew I could do whatever I wanted. He always referred to the local attorney Mary Kay O'Brien who ended up a judge and ultimately in politics. He loved to remind me, “You can be like Mary Kay.” 

Sure, I thought about being a lawyer for a hot second. I mean, standing up in front of people arguing sounded like a lot of fun!

My point of view on that did a 180 during the mock trial I was part of in my High School government class. Our teacher, Mr. Davis pitted me against Dan Glenn, who was one tricky teen. During the trial he twisted my words and I left the room feeling like I just couldn't win. Needless to say, that was the end of my dad’s dream of seeing me graduate from law school!

I had something different in mind.

I loved business, and always wanted to run my own business.

Sound familiar?

It's because we're not alone in that dream. Women are now leaving corporate at a faster pace than ever before and entrepreneurship is on the rise as people seek out a better way to do business to create a better life.

So, I'm pretty sure it threw my dad for a loop when I starting doing not just photography, but boudoir photography.

Yes, that's the kind of photography where women strip down and get gorgeous Victoria's Secret style photos taken.

It's totally HOT HOT HOT and it's a complete blast!

Sure it can be a little nerve racking to start, but about 10 minutes into a shoot most of our clients are ready to take it all off.  There's more to that story, but I'll stick to the point while your minds wander.

Just kidding – No wandering minds!! Back to business! 😉

When I started running my own business, it was a creative outlet. I had recently picked up the camera again and the business side happened unexpectedly.

People started asking… Next thing you know, a friend tells a friend and so on. Soon it spread from there, and took off to become much more than I imagined.

While I always knew I wanted to run a business, I had no idea this would be the business that I would call my first business success. When we first started the business, we'd take photos in between our full-time jobs and on the weekends. My house was our studio and we'd kick the family out for the weekend while we did our thing.

Fast forward more than 6 years later and I still co-run that boudoir photography boutique with my business partner, Joanna Tiger, but it looks a quite different.

-We're no longer kicking the family out on the weekends because we need shoot space.

-We've hired a fabulous team to take the photos and run the business for us.

-We've been cloned! yeah!!!

-We also do some not so sexy work like documenting our processes to increase operational efficiency.

-Well worth the time spent!

-We tested different models, products, and services, and found a business model that worked for both of us.

-We have a successful partnership.

-We went from a few thousand dollars in sales our first year to $80K+ revenue running the business as a part-time job, sometimes called a side hustle.

-Annnnd we dropped in profit and went back up again as we refined our business model, outsourced, and grew again.

We've been there.

From side hustling to “success.” From just scrapping by to making real money. From wondering when it's all going to come together to feeling super successful.

If you are running a business, wondering what's next for you, are are tired of the hustle, and bootstrapping it every day, I want you to know there's another way.

A better way.  A style that is perfectly suited to what you want and your business.

And I'd like to help you find your better way.

CEO School — The Business of Running Your Business — is officially open!

It's time to run with your business – Not from it, you fabulous CEO you.

I'd love to know what you think of CEO School AND I'd love to know what your parents wanted YOU to be when you grow up.

Leave your comments at the bottom with the answers to both!

I'm waiting!! 🙂

Big love,


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