Upgrade Your Marketing for the New Digital Landscape

by | Oct 21, 2021 | Blog, Business Systems, Right On Time Podcast, Sell Better

Are the marketing techniques you used three years ago not getting you the same results today?

Changes in the digital landscape have created new challenges for Modern CEOs trying to connect with their audiences. If you want to create (or continue to create!) amazing impact going forward, you’re going to have to evolve!

My incredible guest for this week’s episode of the Right on Time podcast is Digital Marketing Strategist Emily Hirsh.


Emily is the CEO and founder of Hirsh Marketing, an agency that combines strategy and execution with killer creative, and has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs EXPLODE their profits!

I’m not gonna lie, Emily is kind of a big deal!

Hirsh Marketing works with some major names, including Mel Robbins and Krista Mashore, and the agency has generated $107 MILLION in revenue through digital ads.

Emily and her team are adept at evolving to fit the marketing landscape so that they can continue to deliver huge value to their clients — and Emily was more than happy to share some amazing, actionable insights during our interview!

In this episode, we keep it REAL and tackle everything from how to manage a rockstar marketing agency, to exactly what goes on behind the scenes of big launches, to her top tips for online business owners trying to own their space in the era of the content creator!


In my latest podcast episode, you’ll discover:

  • How systems and processes have helped Emily simplify the effort of managing a large team
  • The steps Emily took to transform Hirsh Marketing from a humble start-up to a major agency working with big names and accounts
  • 3 ways to get a little sexier with your marketing message while staying authentic!

Bonus: you’ll get the lowdown on The Planathon, if you’re not already counting down the days until this year’s event!

Listen below!


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00:28  Meet Emily Hirsh!

00:57  Embracing minimalism

03:38  Managing big teams & accounts

05:20  Starbucks story

06:26  Emily’s journey

08:35  Working with big clients

10:50  Emily’s approach to marketing

12:35  Get sexy with your marketing!

15:19  Niching down

17:41  Working on launches 

19:52  Changes in the market

22:37  Tips for small business owners

25:14  Passive income

27:51  Reality of online business & #1 tip

30:29  Foundation & sustainability

31:25  What is right on time for Emily?


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