Unlocking Healing and Growth: Navigating the Changing World

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Open the field of possibility if everything feels heavy right now.

If you're feeling like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, take a listen to this week's episode and learn how to get your brain and body ready for the next level of your life.

Dr. Tiffany Johnson is a feeler and a healer with an innate intuition who will make you feel like she knows you better than you know yourself. She believes that your body is brilliant, not broken. You absolutely have the ability to heal and move forward inside!

It’s really no secret that the world is changing, we are all feeling it. Tiffany shares that she has seen more people with brains stuck in that fight or flight response. This can cause dysregulation, which can lead to overwhelm, anxiety, and physical symptoms.

We are walking through how you can unlock your healing and growth, what not to do in a crisis, how to identify what is off in your life and get realigned, how to open the field of possibility even when you aren’t feeling it, and more.

I have to share one of my favorite things that Tiffany:

What dream did God put in you that you are required to bring to life?

This question will ground you, bring in some hope, and get you back to taking responsibility for your own life. Tiffany expands on this, and has such an amazing take on why we need hope, our purpose, and how we unlock that space within ourselves.

I can’t tell you how good this conversation is.

You are going to learn so much about yourself and how to get your brain and body ready for the next level of your life – even if things are feeling too heavy right now.



  • How to identify what's off in life right now and get realigned
  • How to know what you are being called to do something different/more
  • Identify your gateway to success and healing
  • The importance of nervous system regulation
  • What not to do in a crisis
  • The 3 things to identify to unlock your healing and growth
  • How to open the field of possibility if everything feels heavy right now


Listen belowand unlock healing and growth.




You are Right On Time. 



6:30  Do you love the work that you do?

10:34  An example where I felt unsafe.

11:39  Is my reflection an example of addiction?

14:28  Is this always happening inside our brains?

15:38  How do we navigate those feelings?

17:53  What’s the balance?

20:03  “Your body is brilliant, not broken.”

21:17  Why do we need hope?

23:44  3 questions you’d ask people.

24:39  What does it mean to “open the field”?

32:42 Where to find Tiffany





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