Unleashing Productivity Power: NJ Shelsby’s Blueprint for Overcoming Overwhelm and Achieving Focus

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I am thrilled to share my latest episode with the incredible NJ Shelsby on the Right on Time Podcast!

In this episode, we journey through NJ's expertise in helping women gain control, eliminate distractions, and focus on what truly matters for success while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

NJ begins by illuminating the often-overlooked dual challenges of external and internal struggles that act as productivity roadblocks. From constant distractions to decision fatigue, external struggles meet their match in NJ's strategic solutions. Simultaneously, internal struggles, including mindset challenges like ADHD or periodic depression, are tackled with insightful mindset-changing solutions.

To identify your internal struggles, try observing any resistance you experience to behavior change. Recognizing this resistance, particularly when it comes to actions like avoiding social media until a specific time, becomes a powerful compass for uncovering and overcoming deep-seated internal obstacles.

It is incredibly important to eliminate chaos-producing habits, like keeping to-dos in your head, to recognize and overcome these struggles. Digital clutter is a major issue in our world today, contributing to overwhelming the brain with information from all of the places. NJ recommends strategic digital decluttering using unified messaging apps or tools like OneNote or Evernote.

We want to encourage you to challenge the belief that overwhelm is inevitable. By creating a vision for a different work life and taking tangible steps towards making it a reality, positive change becomes achievable!!

As I reflect on this incredible discussion with NJ Shelsby, I invite those feeling overwhelmed to explore the possibility of a different way of working. The key, NJ emphasizes, lies in desiring change and taking steps toward a more balanced and focused life.

Thank you for listening and for taking this time for yourself! See you next week!


In This Episode:

  • Address both external and internal struggles that hinder productivity.
  • Challenge the belief that overwhelm is inevitable.
  • Create a vision for a different work life and start taking steps to make it a reality.
  • Overcoming overwhelm leads to clearer thinking and increased productivity.
  • Highlights the importance of eliminating chaos-producing habits, such as keeping to-dos in your head.







02:30 NJ’s belief around work-life balance

05:45 NJ’s story and how she got to where she is today

11:29 How did NJ start to make shifts from the old identity to the new

21:44 Identifying internal and external struggles

23:51 Example of Chaos-Producing Habits

27:58 How NJ works with people

37:03 Where to find NJ

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