Two Weeks Notice: How to Quit Your Job and Build the Life You Want

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Have you ever dreamt about quitting your job? 

“How to quit a job” That phrase or some variation is Googled on average 10,000 times per month. 

Good news – the incredible Amy Porterfield is here to share her experience on how to plan to quit your job by building a business that you love. 

Amy’s got the chops to guide you down this path too – She’s helped countless individuals grow and scale their online businesses. 

After realizing that many people were holding onto their 9-5 jobs while trying to build their own businesses, she wrote all new, all fabulous book: Two Weeks Notice. 

Amy’s got heart and it shines through in her book which is all about finding the courage to quit your job, make more money, and change the world.

In her last corporate job, Amy worked for Tony Robbins. She was once called into a meeting to take notes. As she listened as this group of men talked about having the freedom to do things they enjoy and want to do she wanted that too. Her next move? Figure out how she could make it happen!

It was the first time in my life I thought; I want to be my own boss. I want more freedom. And so from that moment forward, I started to figure out how I could do this. – Amy Porterfield

Spoiler alert – Amy definitely figured it out. 

Listen to this episode or check out her book Two Weeks Notice for all the incredible, inspiring details. 

From overcoming your fears, getting your reality ready for it, and ultimately creating the life you dream about…Amy’s got your back, especially if you have the dream to create and grow your business. 

In the full episode, you’ll discover:

  • How to navigate the financial transitions (and fears)
  • Considering security blankets and learning how to play without them
  • Knowing when you’re ready for pivots and transitions
  • The key to confidence
  • A day in the life of Amy…and how much time she spends working

Listen belowor hang out with me on video!

You are Right On Time. 



3:30 Navigating the Transition from Corporate to Entrepreneurship

5:10 Finding Freedom and Building a Solid Foundation for an Online Business

7:18 Financial Transitions in Business

9:05 Exploring the Magic of Side Hustles and Security Blankets

12:57 Navigating Transitions as an Entrepreneur

15:10 Achieving Possibility Through Capacity for Zero

19:41 Believing in Yourself

21:25 Courage vs. Confidence

26:52 DITL and working hours for Amy

32:19 Staying in the Game and Getting Uncomfortable for Growth



Two Weeks Notice by Amy Porterfield

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