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The Scoop is where I share all things new – business and personal – with you! Typically, we email it out every other month or so to my email list, but today we are trying out VIDEO! 

I am here to give you the scoop on what is going on, some things I’ve found to be working, and any nuggets I’ve found that might help you out. 

Scoop #1 – Middle of the Move

Right after I recorded this, the camera got packed up and ready to send off because my family and I are moving! 

We are moving to Ivory Coast in Africa for the next 2 years! Hello year round summer!

This summer we will be traveling around to visit the in-laws and my sister and I’m so excited! It’s going to be an interesting summer full of Adventure. 

Wanna keep up with all these fun adventures and watch me work in the process? 

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Scoop #2: Results Oriented Work Environment

My friend and I were recently talking about business and ROWE came up. 

Results Oriented Work Environment: the idea that it doesn’t matter how many hours are worked as long as goals are being met. 

This could look like not tracking hours or unlimited vacation time! I learned this concept years ago from a book called Work Sucks and How to Fix It. I draw from this concept alot when I think about working from anywhere, working with my team, and how I even show up for myself. 

Book Rec: Work Sucks and How to Fix It


Scoop #3: SWOTAR

Have you ever heard of a SWOT Analysis? It’s an analysis I just completed in both of my businesses, and knew that I needed to share!. 

This is a way to re-assess and evaluate your business through four categories: strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats. 

We are in a season of change right now as a world so this is a good way to reflect and find focus in your business amidst this time of change. It’s not a new concept or something that I’ve created by any means, but it is a great tool to leverage right now. 

P.S I also like to add two more letters to this: A and R or Aspirations and Results. 

SWOTAR – yeah that works. 


SCOOP #4: The Planning Event of the Year for Entrepreneurs

October 3-7th The Planathon is coming. And it’s our 10th annual!! 

Ahhhh! I can hardly believe it! 

It is going to be big and soooo good! Get on the waitlist now so you don’t miss any of the AMAZING things we have in store for you; I’m talking bonuses, prizes, and more! Head on over to WEBSITE to get on the waitlist now. 

You never want to miss a Planathon, but especially not this one.

Save my Spot!


SCOOP #5: Hang out with me on TikTok

Listen, my girls walked in the other day and said “mom, ohh your TikToks are a little cringe.” 

Naturally, I made them watch more, and they said, “okay mom, not bad…” 

We are keeping it simple. I am having fun with it. And I really hope to see you over there. 

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I also wanted to share with you how I am making these videos. It’s hard for me to sit down and film these on my own so we actually do this on Zoom! My team member and I have a meeting on Zoom where I share my phone screen so she can see it as I record. She is able to tell me when it is good and when I may need to re-do it. 

We spend only an hour per week recording! It’s ah-mazing. 

I want to thank you for being here. Listen to the full epsiode below or on Youtube. 

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You are Right On Time. 

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