The Power of Transformation: Overcoming Failure, Finding Inspiration, and Transforming Your Life

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Sharing my story has literally created a whole new life for me…I have been able to impact women's lives all over the world.

Before we get into this powerful podcast episode, it is important I include a brief warning. We discuss mental health and suicide in this episode. Please skip this episode if this is too close to home. We’ll see you back here next week for a brand new episode.

I am beyond thrilled to introduce Suzanne Peters. This conversation is filled with raw emotions, unexpected twists, and most importantly, a story of resilience that will leave you inspired and motivated.

From the moment Suzanne starts speaking, you can feel her passion and authenticity through the screen. Like we usually do, we let the conversation flow naturally, allowing unexpected moments to arise. Suzanne shares her journey of overcoming unimaginable challenges and how she found the courage to turn her life around.

If you're feeling stuck or in need of inspiration, this episode is a must-listen. Suzanne's journey will touch your heart, evoke emotions, and ultimately encourage you to hold space for yourself during difficult times.


In This Episode:

  • Find purpose and move toward your goals even when life won’t stop living
  • How Suzanne lost everything, hit rock bottom, and recovered (and you can too)
  • Discover your own personal motivation to transform your life
  • Getting in connection is key, here’s how Suzanne stays connected and grows in community

Suzanne opens up about her abusive marriage, her struggle to find her purpose, and the devastating loss of everything she had built. The weight of failure and hopelessness pushed her to the very brink, as Suzanne contemplated ending her own life.

But in a strange turn of events, something miraculous happened. Suzanne heard a voice within her, whispering words of encouragement and reminding her of the greatness she possessed. This moment of revelation sparked a newfound determination within her. With the help of inspiring stories and a shift in perspective, Suzanne decided to find her own story of transformation.

“Get in the right environment. That makes a big difference…be in that environment with people who know what they want, who are consistently working towards their goals.”

As you listen to Suzanne's journey unfold, you'll witness her rise from rock bottom to the pinnacle of success. Through trial and error, Suzanne developed her own coaching frameworks and invested in herself.

I was personally moved by Suzanne's story and her unwavering belief in the power of storytelling. She reminds us that we all have a unique story worth sharing, whether it's a transformative experience or pursuing our dreams.

So, what are you waiting for? Join us now on this incredible journey of resilience, transformation, and the power of sharing your story. Just click play and prepare to be inspired.



Woman to Woman Network

Suzanne on LinkedIn



04:15 How did Suzanne get to where she is today

06:25 “If you don’t make decisions based on the right reasons, they are never gonna go right”

14:54 When did Suzanne realize her purpose

15:36 The impact of sharing Suzanne’s story

16:49 How did Suzanne build her frameworks

21:00 Suzanne’s message to the people who have a story to tell

30:46 Suzanne’s present day

36:47 “As long as you find yourself in the right environment, it can be life-changing”

38:22 Where to find Suzanne


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