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You are working and working, struggling to find a way to generate leads, network, boost your engagement, grow your audience, and bring in some income! It feels impossible! 

Oh do I have something fun to share with you! You can do all of that I just mentioned – all at once with less stress and, I dare say, with joy!


Virtual Summits. 

I sat down with Jenn Sellers of to discuss all things virtual summits; what they are, how they work, how to find speakers for summits and online conferences, and how to make sure they keep working for you.

Jenn created a place for speakers and summit creators to find each other with more ease. She knows all about the power of summits for lead generation, engaging your audience, and making them work for you even when they’re finished. 

I’m so excited to share this episode with you! Summits, I feel, are so fun, and an invaluable tool for business owners especially with ad prices going up and up and up! 

Hellllooo, organic engagement! 

In this latest podcast episode, you’ll discover:

  • What a summit is (and how they’re evolving)
  • Why you might want to host one!
  • Key things you need to think about to turn it evergreen (without 6 months of work)

Listen below …and discover how awesome virtual summits can be!


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You are right on time.


02:00  How Jenn got started 

04:00  The evolution of summits

06:00  Things that have made summits more impactful

7:30  The pros of hosting a summit

08:21  What is “paid to market”

13:00  Setting up an evergreen summit

17:00  How to use the speaker directory

19:00  Changes to virtual summits that you should be watching

22:00  Make it interactive


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