3 Strategies to Simplify your Marketing

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Simplifying your marketing and consistently delivering high-quality content will yield growth and success.

Amanda Warfield is a marketing expert who specializes in helping her clients streamline their marketing efforts and achieve big results.

Amanda also has a fun side hustle as a Disney-specialized travel agent! She uses her simplified marketing strategies for her clients and students, but also in marketing her travel agent business.


In This Episode:

  • What consistency actually is – and why it’s important
  • The 3 strategies to simplify your marketing
  • Nurture versus Growth Strategy – and why you need both
  • Amanda’s new book: Chasing Simple Marketing

Amanda's journey began with a simple living blog, which eventually led to content marketing. As her clients started seeking advice on marketing strategies, Amanda shifted her focus to simplifying their approaches so they had more time and energy to focus on their actual business.

Amanda and I dig right in – she breaks down the 3 strategies she uses and teaches for simplifying marketing. She also gives us this reminder: you don't need to chase algorithms or adhere to best practices. Simplifying your marketing and consistently delivering high-quality content will yield growth and success.

Strategy #1 – Show up less

I know this probably sounds counterintuitive. We live in such a busy, fast-paced world that it feels wrong to not be present all the time. Amanda’s insight here was so good.

Amanda says, however much you think you need to show up, cut it in half.
We tend to look at these larger entrepreneurs who have teams and large presences – of course they do! They have teams, virtual assistant’s, or possibly a whole marketing-focused team. For those of us who are solopreneurs or still really small – you can still nurture your audience without showing up constantly.

“You don’t have to show up constantly, but you do have to show up consistently”

Your base line of consistently is your bare minimum of when you are going through seasons of change, big projects or whatever else may arise. You can always add in bonus content!

Amanda suggests sticking to one social media post, your newsletter, and maybe other longform content consistently then YES! You are doing well.

We talked about how the world seems to be shifting away from social media and online relationships. The world seems to be really leaning into in-person spaces – building personal connections in DMs might be really important right now.

Amanda is doing this by posting engaging stories on Instagram then she engages back with those people. If someone answers a poll in her stories then she might DM them back a follow up question. This builds a conversation and connection within her DMs – boosting her like, know, trust factor.

Strategy #2 – Be a Broken Record

Always, always, always be talking about your offers, and those main points around those offers. We often get bored talking about our offers so we want to find something new and exciting to talk about. Did you know that your audience actually needs up to what we talk about 7-10 times before they take action.

They don’t know how you can serve them if you aren’t telling them all the time.

Everytime you mention your offer, you plant a seed then the next time you talk about it you are watering that seed. You have to water that seed over and over until you can harvest it. Each time you talk about your offer then you are planting a seed for someone and watering that seed for someone else that saw your previous piece of content.

Don’t be afraid to be a broken record – your offer is important. The world needs it!

This also leads into Nurture versus Growth tactics in your marketing. Nurture tactics are that focus on relationship building with the audience you already have. This can be anytime you give information to your audience.

Growth tactics are what you do to bring new people into your nurture strategies. This includes your lead magnets, sharing your message on someone else’s podcast or social media – all in order to get in front of new people.

There has to be a balance between these! If you don’t bring in new people to nurture then you will run out of people to buy your service or product. If you don’t nurture then no one know enough about you or your business to buy from you

Strategy #3 – Content Batching

Batching your content is the best way to save time throughout your month.

Amanda says, if you don’t batch your content then you’re never going to have time for growth. You will get stuck on the content creation hamster wheel then you’ll get burned out and not be marketing at all.

She suggests using one week per month doing only content creation to be pushed out over the next month. This will give you three more weeks to focus on other tasks that are all about growth.

How long should you spend working on content? Amanda recommends that you spend your average work week creating content during your batch week. If you typically only have 5 hours to spend on your business each week then you spend that 5 hours creating content.

Whatever amount of content you create during your typical working hours is just the amount of content you have for the next month. This strategy really works in tandem with Strategy #1.

Also know this doesn’t last like this forever in the way it is now. Amanda now only spends about two full days batching content because she outsources Podcast editing,and has a VA to assist her so she can do more in less time. If you aren’t at that stage yet that is okay. Whatever you can do is enough. You will get faster and it will get easier.

You don’t want to miss Amanda’s insight in this episode. Amanda will change the way you look at content marketing forever – in a great way! She wrote the book on simple, effective marketing. Literally! Grab her new book: Chasing Simple Marketing. This is a crash course in content marketing for saving time and growing your business.

Give this episode a listen and let us know what you think! Leave a comment on Youtube or send me a note on Instagram. If you enjoy this episode, please consider leaving a review – it really helps us out.


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3:01 Learn about Amanda’s main business and side hustle

6:35 How the idea of Simplified Marketing started

8:18 The importance of consistency

10:41 How to plan your seasons for showing up

11:56 Show up less and on less platforms

13:14 Types of content you can create

14:37 Determining where it is best for you to show up

18:02 How Amanda incorporates her marketing strategies

19:08 Utilizing AI platforms in your business

23:49 Amanda’s strategy in making more content by working less

25:59 Restructure your marketing effectively

32:26 Nurturing vs Growth Strategies

34:07 Batch your content

38:47 Why the best practices may not be the best for you

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