Stop Chronic Reinvention, Go With Boring Instead

by | May 13, 2021 | Blog, Business Systems, Right On Time Podcast

Are you feeling like you’ve hit a plateau in your journey to build and scale your business?

Are you wondering what secret sauce you need to discover in order to push through?

Then this is the Right on Time episode for you. (Warning: I just might blow your mind!)

Do you feel like you’ve already tried all the things without seeing the results you want? Do you feel like you’re too busy working in your business to work ON your business?

Believe me, I get it!

The problem actually starts with your best intentions.

We constantly learn about new techniques, approaches, and software that promise to make our businesses leaner, meaner, and more profitable. Yes, it’s EXHILARATING to imagine totally revamping our businesses and making them feel shiny and new. It’s exciting to come up with a dozen new offers that our clients are sure to fall in love with. And who isn’t thrilled by the idea of a total rebrand??

But this constant reinvention is part of the reason why so many Modern CEOs struggle to move forward.

Look — what works for Madonna doesn’t necessarily work for everyone!

And chronic reinvention has a lot of hidden downsides that can slow down your growth.

If you want to make the RIGHT changes to your business, you need to step back and understand the bigger picture — that’s an important part of your role as a Modern CEO. You need that bigger-picture clarity in order to implement the changes that will TRULY take your business where you want it to go, instead of quick-fixes that don’t really move the needle.

In my latest podcast episode, you’ll discover:

  • The #1 issue that comes up in entrepreneurial communities — and why it’s so common 
  • 4 major negative side effects of constantly changing your business and their impact on your momentum and revenue
  • Why “boring” should be your goal when it comes to describing the way your business runs (not kidding!)


Listen below!

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You are right on time.



00:46 Struggling to hit the next stage?

02:00 The bigger picture

04:02 Chronic reinvention

05:55 Negative effects of constant change

09:27 Boring isn’t bad!

10:02 The rocking chair & the keyboard

11:38 Why ISN’T your business boring?

14:17 The problem with business advice

17:00 Make the best decisions for your business

17:25 The Modern CEO Way

18:02 Case study: Three Boudoir & Amber McCue


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