How a Simple Mason Jar Can Shape Your Future

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During our annual Planathon (make sure you're in our free Facebook group here), I often felt like I was sitting in a room surrounded by a crowd of amazing bad-ass women (and men!) entrepreneurs – so many of them worked with me to share some really awesome tips and tricks that have helped them get to where they are today!

Let me tell you; it was incredibly inspiring!

One of my amazing guests was Carrie Green from the Female Entrepreneur Association. Carrie rocks her female entrepreneurial mojo across the pond on the Isle of Wight and she was happy to share one of the key exercises she uses to help her get intentional (and specific) about her business goals.

See It to Be It

The way Carrie sees it, success is not an accident. Success is something that you create on purpose through taking action every single day.

And it all starts with a vision.

And you don't need a crystal ball for this; you just need a mason jar.

First things first: You need to be clear about what it is that you want to achieve. Just vaguely telling yourself that you “want to get rich” or “want to be great” isn't going to cut it!

You need be very specific about what you want.

Carrie has a great exercise that she uses when she wants to dive down deep and hone in on that particular goal that will help her bring her dreams to life. Once you connect with your vision, it makes it easier to manifest it and reap the rewards!

The first part of the exercise is visualization. You've all done this before – imagining yourself achieving your goal, basking in the feeling that it's a done deal, visualizing what it would be like to have that success already neatly in your pocket.

The next step: building a dream jar. Grab a piece of paper, a pen, and a jar. Just a simple mason jar will do, it doesn't need to be fancy! Then, write down every goal and dream you have for the next 12 months. Business-related, personal, whatever it is that you want for yourself in the next year. No matter how crazy or huge they may be – a key part of this exercise is that you're not allowed to limit yourself!

Once you've got your list locked down, cut the paper up so that each goal is on its own strip of paper. Fold these strips up and place them in your jar.

Pull one piece of paper from your dream jar every day. Once your dreams are in your dream jar, take at least one minute every day to pull out one dream and vividly visualize yourself achieving it. If you have enough time, spend 5-10 minutes on this!

Can I just mention how much I love this idea?? It's such a great way to keep yourself motivated and remind yourself why it is you work so hard!

Have you found visualization to be helpful in reaching your goals? I'd love to hear about it in the comments!

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