The Power of a Belief Mindset

by | Mar 22, 2023 | Blog, Business Planning, Goal Setting, Growth, Right On Time Podcast, Success, Time Management

Your mindset will direct the trajectory of your actions.

If you believe you can’t – your actions will follow. You’ll come up with excuses, you’ll struggle with imposter syndrome and ultimately, you could end up walking away from your goals and dreams.

But if you believe that you can – watch out world! By shifting your thoughts to a belief mindset, you’ll feel unstoppable because you won’t be thinking about the obstacles. You only have your sights set on the end goal.

This is such a powerful way to think!

Miriam Schulman joined this week’s episode to discuss how everything you do comes back to the stories you tell yourself. In her incredible book, Artpreneur: The Step by Step Guide to Making A Sustainable Living from Your Creativity, Miriam helps creatives break free of the starving-artist mentality in order to build a thriving business.

During our conversation, we discussed how you don’t need to be the most talented at what you do in order to be successful. Instead, it all comes down to good marketing and the right mindset.

There were so many takeaways from this episode!



  • The power of belief
  • Behind the scenes on book publishing
  • Your “Marching Orders” for overcoming imposter syndrome and getting to your personal next level
  • Miriam's incredible story of how she stepped away
  • How to stop undercharging and earn what you deserve
  • The key to a successful business (it's not talent)

Listen belowand direct the trajectory of your actions with your mindset.


You are Right On Time. 



0:55 Meet Miriam Schulman and know about the book Artpreneur

3:07 Do you think it was that belief?

4:28 “You can always be writing a book and you realized that was the wrong goal.”

6:49 Definition of Impostor Syndrome and how did you move thorugh that?

8:51 How did that feel?

9:14 What change did you experience?

11:34 How do you balance when to show up and when to take a pause?

12:45 Miriam's business.

13:00 How did you make your business leap?

20:00 A story about a woman in the book selling her art.

27:23 How do you strike a balance?

29:00 Your marching orders for people.

29:45  How Miriam ended the book.

30:31 A quote from the book.

30:50 Final words of Miriam about the book.



Miriam’s Book:

Artpreneur: The Step-by-Step Guide to Making A Sustainable Living from Your Creativity

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