Reflecting on 2023, Planning for 2024

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I can’t believe the sentence I’m about to write. Okay. Ready?

WELCOME to the last Right on Time podcast of 2023.

What? It’s been a year of incredible interviews, eye-opening conversations, and getting to hang out with you here every single week. I’ve loved every second. At the end, I have some big podcast news so be sure to stay tuned.

As I was preparing for this episode, I had several ideas and topics that came to mind. However, I’ve decided that I really want to talk with you all about what is happening here, what we are doing, and what I’ve been thinking through and reflecting on.

Many of my colleagues and fellow small business owners are reevaluating what exactly they want to do in this next season.

We also have a lot of rethinking and redesigning going on here. My team and I are working very closely together to bring back live experiences around How to Clone Yourself. Which is something we haven’t done in a long time, but we are so very excited about.

With this redesign we are doing, I’ve been reflecting on what we are doing and how we are doing it.

We are digging into that here in this episode. Be sure to grab a pen cause I have some amazing quotes headed your way.

Once you listen, be sure to let me know your thoughts, your 2024 plans, and how you’re going to put into action what we talk about here.


In This Episode:

  • Finding YOUR focus
  • Getting in alignment with yourself and your motivations
  • Scenario planning to escape the what ifs
  • Keeping it simple to get what you want to be

There are many great insights that I share in this episode. All of which, I can’t wait for you to hear. This is the one that is just too good not to share here too.

We are all reflecting on the past year and setting our goals, intentions, and resolutions for 2024. This quote from Anthony ONeal is a great reminder of why we are doing this.

“The caliber of your future depends on the choices you make today”

Don’t let anyone tell you that resolutions are silly or don’t work. You know what you are planning for and you are going to do incredible things.

Keep it simple. Keep your goals visible.
You are right on time.

Thank you so much for listening and being on this podcast journey with us. We will be back soon. However, we will be taking a short pause to reflect and revamp the Right on Time Podcast.

Be sure to send us any topic or guest suggestions you have in the meantime. We would love to hear from you.



02:14 Amber’s notes on Anthony Oneal’s presentation

04:19 What do you do when fear starts creeping in?

10:13 “When you have too much on your plate, you will never reach the top”

11:40 Amber’s plan with the Right On Time Podcast


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