Taking Action: How to Transform Your Passion into Purpose

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I am so thrilled to have you join us for this episode where Jen and I take a deep dive into our personal journeys of self-discovery and uncovering our true callings.

From pursuing passions like singing and acting to taking the stage as speakers, we're here to share how our life purposes unfolded in unexpected ways.

Jen's journey to becoming a successful jen entrepreneur was far from your typical, run-of-the-mill story.

Before her company, Super Connector Media came to life, Jen was chasing her acting dreams right in the heart of New York City. Her relentless dedication paid off big time when she snagged a role in the Broadway National Tour of The Wedding Singer. Then she landed a role on a VH-1 TV Series.

Then her show got axed, and her unfaithful boyfriend made a hasty exit, it was like the universe handed her a hot mess on a silver platter. But Jen, being the resilient soul she is, turned her breakdown into a game-changing breakthrough. She realized that sometimes life throws you a curveball to push you in a new direction. That's when she decided it was time to step into her own spotlight, shine brightly, and let the world see the real her.

Fast forward to today, Jen has been a guiding light for thousands of business owners, coaches, and experts. She's helped them find the confidence and skills they need to uncover their passions, be their authentic selves, and stand confidently in their own glow.

If you're in search of inspiration and practical advice on finding your purpose, taking meaningful action, forging connections, and embracing personal growth, then this episode is a must-listen. Join us as we lay bare our own stories and offer insights that will leave you feeling motivated and fully prepared to initiate positive changes in your own life.


In This Episode:

  • Finding true purpose
  • Embracing vulnerability and being true to oneself
  • Personal transformation and embracing imperfections
  • Taking action and finding clarity
  • Importance of connection and building relationships

A major theme throughout this episode is the power of connection. We explore the transformative impact of building genuine relationships and leveraging other people's audiences to establish our brands. Jen shares her personal experiences of giving without expecting anything in return and how it not only benefits others but also sets a sturdy foundation for seeking assistance when needed.

We also touch upon the importance of authenticity and staying true to ourselves. Pretending to be someone we're not leads to feeling lost and unfulfilled. Being vulnerable and authentic not only attracts success but also fosters real connections with others.

We delve into personal transformation and the journey of growth. From taking small steps every day to embracing discomfort, we unearth the essential elements of self-belief and the power of letting imperfections fuel our personal development.

Don't hesitate! Hit that play button right now and let this episode become the catalyst for your own transformation and fulfillment. We promise you won't want to miss it!



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03:40 How Jen thought her purpose was to be a performer

06:18 How did Jen shift from being an actress to being a speaker

13:07 “The law of attraction does not work without the law of action”

16:20 Why you shouldn’t believe in yourself 100%

19:05 What’s the first step in building a brand

26:27 Why is it so hard for people to ask for help

33:49 “There is only one you”

40:07 Jen’s skincare

41:55 Jen’s final words on being seen

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