One Word that has the Potential to Change Everything

by | May 26, 2016 | Blog, Leadership

I know, I know – It’s a bold claim to make. One word can change “everything?”

Yes, this one word will change everything in your life.

You can use this word to diffuse uncomfortable conversations.

You can use this word to take on new opportunities.

You can even use this word to challenge yourself to do better business.

Any guesses on what the word is?

You might just do a little head smack when you find out what it is….

The word is yes, yes.

Yes diffuses conflict.

Yes gets people on your side.

Yes opens doors.

Now you don't literally have to say yes.

A simple nod will help someone see that you hear them, you are listening, and you understand, but it doesn't have to mean you agree.

Just the other day I used this strategy in an email. What the colleague emailed me was dead wrong. I could have just said “no, you're wrong”, but that sounded a little bitchy and probably would have made her feel like a loser.

Instead, I said, “Yes, I understand how you can think. Here's how it actually works.”

See the difference?

Now it's your turn.

Tell us in the comments, how do you think this one simple word can change how you engage and interact with people. How is it going to change how you look at your business?”

If you are onboard with testing the use of this word out a bit more, give us a big “YES” in the comments! 😉

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