Why Now is the Right Time to Start Your Next Project …Your Soul is Calling

by | Apr 19, 2017 | Get More Done, Modern CEO Podcast

The first step in starting a new project is always the hardest – especially when your old friend resistance kicks in! Your own brand of resistance can take any number of forms:

Are you freaked out about being too much like your competition?

Do you spend more time procrastinating than actually building your product?

Are you nervous that you're too late to the game?

These anxieties can do more than just slow you down – they can stop you in your tracks! Eeeek! I’ve talked to so many entrepreneurs that have come very close to giving up on some truly awesome ideas just because of resistance thoughts like these.

Guess what: You need to get over those fears if you're going to get your entrepreneurial groove on!

So how do you dodge these mental roadblocks??

I’m going to share with you my own pesky resistance points (including the ones that popped up when I started working on this very podcast!) and teach you how to skillfully neutralize them so that you can get back to making things happen!

Let’s get started!

01:31 Differentiation and timing: Amber's 2 key resistance experiences
3:37 What are you procrastinating right now?
4:13 “One of the ways that you will differentiate is just by showing up and being you”
6:05 Put aside your perfectionism and jump on the “just start” train
7:22 No matter what you're trying to do, you're right on time!
8:40 How Amber overcame her fear of being late
13:30 Shifting your mindset: The Big Leap
15:33 The story of the big meeting and the missed train
17:21 “The moral of the story…”
17:40 Don't panic about double- (or-triple-) booking!
20:00 Life happens! Give your clients, colleagues, and prospects permission to be “right on time”
21:40 “The more important a call or an action is to our soul's evolution …”

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