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Like a lot of people, I’ve taken a bit of time this year to really think about my content… and I decided to do a bit of a revamp!

(You know I love to keep things fresh!)

I did some organizing. I did some reworking. I took some pizza breaks. And then I did some fine tuning. And at the end of it all, I’m SO thrilled to be able to offer a new experience called The Modern CEO.

This program takes everything you need to know from my past programs and bundles it up into a fabulously comprehensive package covering everything from leadership to client success.

As you can probably guess, my team and I are very happy with it.

But just because an offer is amazing, that doesn’t mean that the enrollment process will be smooth sailing!

Among other things, we had to deal with the new iOS changes that have greatly affected the impact of digital advertising.

It took a little bit of fail-proofing, but we made it work! Want to learn how? You’re going to have to hit play, my friend!

In my latest podcast episode, you’ll discover:

  • The three core books that make up The Modern CEO (and why they offer SO much value)
  • How we dealt with the new iOS changes impacting Facebook advertising
  • The goals we set for 2021 in both of my businesses (and whether we reached them)!
Listen below!


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00:31  Grab a cup of coffee!

03:34  Keeping things fresh

04:57  Introducing The Modern CEO

06:15  Program evolutions & lessons 

07:37  3 core books

09:42  Enrollment behind-the-scenes

13:50  Fail-proofing your business

15:41  Road trip!

21:00  Build in vacation time

23:57  Streamlining

26:04  How can it be easier?

27:20  Coming up on the new season!



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