Is Your Sales Funnel a Leaky Bucket?

by | Oct 28, 2021 | Blog, Client Experience, Right On Time Podcast, Sell Better

You may not have trouble growing your mailing list… but how are you doing when it comes to keeping your audience (and keeping them engaged)?

Tamika Auwai is the fabulous CEO of Orisha Creative, a content marketing agency specializing in nurture marketing — and let me tell you, they are the EXPERTS in their niche!

Tamika works with coaches, mentors, and teachers to ensure their content creation is aligned with their nurturing goals and optimized to deliver a big impact.

What does this mean? It means they pre-sell more programs and book more clients, without having to churn out endless amounts of content.

Getting off the content creation treadmill? Um, yes please!

Tamika believes in purpose-driven nurture marketing — and Orisha Creative’s signature Nurture Matrix is designed to help entrepreneurs nail down their goals and messaging. That means that every piece of marketing they create is designed specifically to help them drive engagement (and build revenue)!

As business owners, we tend to spend a lot of time creating content for lead generation and less time working on nurturing our existing audience.

“When you are focused on the top of the funnel and focused on lead gen, and you don’t have anything intentional going on from a nurture perspective, you’re essentially creating a leaky bucket in your business,” Tamika explains.

Want to stop your warm prospects from falling right out of your leaky bucket — and instead lead them further along their buyer’s journey? You’re going to want to listen to the latest episode of the Right on Time podcast!

In my latest podcast episode, you’ll discover:

  • Why Tamika urges her clients to move BEYOND templates — and what Orisha Creative does instead to help clients with their messaging
  • How to understand the type of messaging that your ideal client needs to hear in order to step into transformation with you!
  • Orisha Creative’s signature Nurture Matrix process — what it is, how it works, and how to get a free assessment

Listen below!


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02:23  Meet Tamika Auwai!

04:22  Where “Orisha” came from

06:25  Tamika’s approach to nurture marketing

09:05  Being of service to our people

11:57  Understanding what ideal clients need

13:20  Three Boudoir belief gap example

16:15  Gathering & digging into the data

20:00  The Nurture Matrix process

21:10  The art & science of marketing

22:28  What goes into the Nurture Matrix

26:20  Nurture Matrix results

29:06  Launch v. active enrollment campaign

31:35  Lead gen v. nurture

35:49  New parent sleep coach

37:30  The myth of the freebie-seekers

39:00 12 core nurture themes

39:51 Nurture Opportunity Scorecard

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