How to Become Rich: Investing for Beginners

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Radical results require radical change. What are you willing to do to get what you want?

Ange Matthews created the amazing life she has by investing. Investing can feel scary especially when you are just starting out, which is why I love Ange’s origin story. 

How to Become Rich

I’m sure you can relate to this in some way. Ange was working 12 hours a day and not being paid for her time all while, as a recruiter, cutting checks that were much bigger than her own. She turned down a job at Goldman Sachs and began questioning if she made the right decision. One day, at her desk, while surrounded by the work she needed to be doing she googled “How to become rich”

She found that all the advice was either learn to invest or become an entrepreneur, ideally both. AND don’t start investing until you’re debt free. 

That last piece of advice didn’t sit well with Ange. She said that even if she paid off her debt, she’d still be at 0. Her debt was her past. What was she going to do in the present to make her future better? She did not want to stay at a job just because it was neccessary. She didn’t want to have to live like that. As she said, it usually only takes one bad relationship to change your entire life. The relationship with her not-so-great job was the catalyst for major change in her life.. 

Ange began with no investment knowledge, and a fractured relationship with money that came from a place of lack. Her parent’s lived paycheck to paycheck during her childhood. Now she is proud to be the person who is changing her family’s legacy and creating generational wealth.

Goldman Sachs – The Dream Job She Left Behind

Goldman Sachs, offered Ange, as one of only three, a summer internship with Goldman Sachs. She thought it was great that she was going to learn how to make so much money.

Instead, she found herself just managing other people’s money. She did see that extreme wealth existed, but she also saw herself changing. She was giving into the culture of elitism and becoming too money oriented. 

As she says (but it’s so true), when you make one bad decision, you don’t make just one. Her other bad decision was dating someone that wasn’t right for her. Which her mother politely told her after meeting them. This moment made Ange pause and reflect on her life deeply. Ultimately, she turned down the full-time position Goldman Sachs offered her, and her journey really began. 

She began working for Ralph Lauren, not loving it because she didn’t want to work with numbers and her day was still filled with excel sheets. So she decided that she was going to learn to become extroverted! This led her to become a recruiter – taking lower pay to learn to become an extrovert! Ultimately, this was the position that led her to googling, how to become rich. 

Starting to Invest

Ange started with a small percentage of her weekly income. Ange says, this can be the easiest way to think about it. If you can just start with 5% of your paycheck. This, for her, was $50 per week. She started with Google Searches and Youtube videos and ended up actually losing most of her money in the beginning. 


Starting small is okay – it’s not about how many dollars you make. It’s about how much of your money is doing something rather than just being spent

This was all part of her learning journey. She learned all she possibly could about investing and eventually began sharing what she learned through her business, The Happy Investor. This has also led her to investing in two different hotels, having some positioning in SpaceX, becoming an angel investor to many small businesses, and owning a lot of stocks!


In this Episode, we chat about:

  • What to invest in for beginners
  • Should you invest when you have debt?
  • Overcoming fears in investing 
  • Why Ange doesn’t use social media?!


Where do YOU start? 

This is where Ange’s Wealth Stack comes in. This is a free resource, you can opt in for on her website. When it comes to investing and wealth management, she says, do not leap and hope for the net to come. Create the net then leap. The net for her is education – get info, create a plan. Then do a pulse check on what you actually want! A few questions she threw out in the episode were: 

Do you want to have tenants? If yes, real estate may be good. 

Do you want to invest in things you use? Buy stocks. 

Don’t be a day trader if you get heart palpitations every time a big change happens. 

Do you want to help entrepreneurs? Consider becoming an angel investor. 

Ange has goals of creating generational wealth, retiring her mother, and more. She loves making money, and is good at it. I love the attitude she has when approaching wealth management, and can’t wait to hear what your favorite part of this episode is. You can tag me over at Instagram!

Listen belowand get started on investing!



You are Right On Time. 



0:47 Who is Ange Matthews
8:01 Ange’s Journey to Success
11:07 Ange’s Family Background
12:47 How much do you need to have to start investing
14:59 How investment works
16:37 Ange’s Goldman Sachs and previous work experience
24:27 Your Money Story
26:53 Have your Money work for you
29:16 Ange’s Investment Portfolio
32:06 How to start your Journey to Investment
37:53 Different Money Stories
39:48 How to define enough
43:47 Where to find Ange Matthews



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