How to Visualize and Attract What You Want in Life

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If you want to change something – anything, in your life, you are going to want to listen to this one.

It all begins in the latest episode of the Right on Time podcast:

I really eased my way into 2023…

And as we rolled into February, I found myself looking at all the roles I play – travel, an author, a business owner, entrepreneur, a writer…mom, volunteer, board member, swimmer…

Some of the identities I created for myself recently – like, I’ve only come to feel like a “swimmer” in the last six months. (I wouldn’t say I am a GOOD swimmer though… ;)). Some I’ve had for a while and I am not sure they fit anymore…

The truth is, you get to choose the roles you play in life. This episode will help you explore the roles you want (and maybe those you don’t ;)) – and create a life that might be different what you have now and more like the one you want.

If any of this is you too (or if you are just curious about what I thought about quitting)…. 

Listen into this latest podcast episode, you’ll see how to:

  • Start achieving your goals and intentions faster this year than most people
  • Discover what you really want through try it on visualization
  • Shortcut your path to success with this science backed method

I should note – I actually pretty much love my life right now. The people I spend time with, where we get to live, my family, my clients….Love.  AND STILL… I see shifts I want to make as I move into the next evolution of myself.

It’s okay to love your life right now and still want change. 

We are living breathing growing evolving humans and change is a guaranteed part of the journey. 

Listen belowand discover how to set and reach your goals to finish 2023 strong!

You are Right On Time. 


Mentioned in this Episode:

The Psychology of Winning by Denis Waitley

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