How To Set, Define, and Align Your Goals to end 2022 Strong

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“Energy flows where attention goes”-Tony Robbins

Hello! It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve sat down to record. I am so proud to be back with a new episode of The Right on Time Podcast. 

I have some updates for you such as my family and I are OFFICIALLY moved to the Ivory Coast in Africa. We are getting settled in, but the move made me think of a few things that I wanted to do before moving. 

I was excited to have a Fresh Start for new things, new routines, and getting a mini-life makeover. I realized though that we don’t have to wait to design the life that we want. There doesn’t have to be some major catalyst.

We can decide right now to identify those goals, wants, wishes, and desires. Where our attention goes our energy flows, right? 

In this episode all about how to set, define, and align your goals to end 2022 strong we talk about how to set goals and keep your actions in alignment. I also want to tell you about scenario planning. This is a helpful tool that can help you step out of your fear. 

We also talk about the effectiveness of intense action behind your goals and which goals you might focus on when it comes to your goals. 

In this latest podcast episode, you’ll discover:

  • How long it might take to step into your goals
  • How to define your goals and to align your actions with your goals
  • What scenario planning is and how to do it


Listen belowand discover how to set and reach your goals to finish 2022 strong!


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You are Right On Time. 


Mentioned in this Episode:

The Fresh Start Workbook

The Planathon

The Art of Impossible by Steve Kotler




01:00  Move Update

04:51  How I started defining my goals

06:34  My Fresh Start

07:35  Why you don’t need a catalyst for a fresh start

05:58  How much do aesthetics matter?

08:54  It doesn’t have to be immediate

09:41  Keeping your actions aligned to your goals

12:33  Why you shouldn’t always talk about your goals

14:51 Scenario Planning

17:45 Is intense action effective?

22:17 Where should our focus be?

27:23 How I personally think about my goals

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