How To Rewire Your Brain And Manifest Faster

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Find freedom. Experience joy. Embrace love, create empowerment.

Have you ever wanted to feel open and in charge of your emotions?

To think faster, easier, with less confusion from mental overloads?

If I told you that all this was achievable by simply rewiring the brain – would you believe me?

Well, it's true!

After putting Eye-Motional Processes developed by Amanda Lynne into practice for more than a year now, I can attest: the results are incredible.

In fact, if there were a secret advantage I had to share with you that I use almost daily in my life right now, this is it.

These processes, rooted in science from kinesiology, help us tap into our powerful brains and unleash the potential within. We have the ability to rewire our mindsets toward more productive outcomes.

Are you ready to make a big shift in your brain and open up new possibilities for yourself?

Then you’ll love this episode of The Right on Time Podcast!

Amanda is breaking down for us how to use brain rewiring processes to achieve all your goals and live our dream life.

She is absolutely brilliant and loving. And you are going to love learning how to rewire your brain to achieve all your goals.

As background, Amanda and I met when she came into a workshop in The 2022 Planathon. She immediately blew me (and the group away) with her ability to tap in, intuitively and through the processes, she's gonna talk about in this episode, to what was happening in each individual person's life. She also helped us identify how to unlock things that were keeping us stuck and manifest what we wanted faster.

We'll break down how all of this works in this episode!

Amanda and I are discussing how to rewire your brain, and shift your emotions. What is energy and how do we harness that to step further into what we want? The episode is practical, productive, and it is based on science and research.

In this latest podcast episode, you’ll discover:

  • How to manifest faster
  • Why living a process life is the way to go
  • The science behind the processes
  • What is energy and how harness it to get what you want

Listen belowand discover how to rewire your brain to unblock yourself and get what you really want.

Plus, Amanda will exclusively be working with clients on brain rewiring inside Stay Goaldone for the rest of this year.

Yes!!! This is breaking news!!!

If you are keen to get Amanda’s personal guidance you’ll want to join us inside Stay Goaldone to bring your goals to life. Then, once inside Stay Goaldone, join a Vision Chair with Amanda, to make the path easier and clearer from here forward.

Prepare to be impressed!

You are Right On Time. 



03:23 Meet Amanda – and what she does

11:16 The Processes Experience

15:14 Manifesting

20:26 Vibe and Frequency

28:02 Brain Rewiring 101 (how the brain works)

31:10 Can we manifest faster with processes?

33:24 Will this work if you’re misaligned?

37:45 Coordinating emotions across the brain

42:36 Where to connect with Amanda



Eye-Motional Processes 

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