How to Reprogram Your Brain to Welcome Wealth

by | Nov 18, 2021 | Blog, Life Goals, Money, Right On Time Podcast

Are there things that you truly want to achieve in your life or in your business but, for some reason, you find yourself resistant to taking the actual steps needed to make them happen??

That resistance likely stems from limiting beliefs lurking deep within your brain — beliefs that you may have developed back in childhood.

Are you going to let the beliefs of a 4-year-old determine how you run your business?

I didn’t think so!

My guest for this week’s episode of the Right on Time podcast is here to break down where these thoughts come from, why we hold onto them… and how to replace them with something more constructive and nourishing.

Stephanie Synclair is a coach, consultant, and spiritual teacher. She is the host of The School of Quantum Living Podcast and author of Shut Up and Do the Work: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Creating Massive Success. She also sells loose leaf tea under her La Rue 1680 brand — which has been featured on Oprah, The Today Show, The Drew Barrymore Show, and more!


Stephanie believes that wealth is sacred… and she LOVES working with women to help them achieve their biggest, baddest financial dreams while remaining in spiritual alignment. She helps her clients through ‘subconscious reprogramming’ — uncovering the limiting beliefs beneath the surface that shape the way we feel about money, success, and our own capabilities, and then healing them.

Mind. Blown.

This conversation goes deep into the science and philosophy of what keeps us from building wealth and success, and offers some incredible insights into how to heal your mindset around money and business.

You’ll definitely want to grab a pen and notebook before hitting play!

In my latest podcast episode, you’ll discover:

  • A fascinating breakdown of how epigenetics can affect us not only in terms of physical illnesses but also unconscious beliefs
  • Techniques that you can start using *today* to reprogram your limiting beliefs!
  • How to step into the next level of your life and business with confidence

Listen below!


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00:29  Meet Stephanie Synclair

03:45  La Rue 1680

05:45  Where does real wealth come from?

07:55  Subconscious reprogramming & epigenetics

12:45  Gestation & unconscious inheritance

15:01  Environment & unconscious thought

17:45  Reprogramming & “truth”

19:44  Reprogramming techniques

23:10  Back to basics books

27:10  Learn to see & embrace deeper things

32:00 Stepping into your next level

35:10  Pandemic shift

38:10  La Rue 1680 & publicity


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