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If you’ve been following my How to Clone Yourself series, then this is the ultimate episode that you do NOT want to miss!

Today, we’re finally going to get deep into the nitty-gritty of putting together your systems. The systems that will make it feel as though you’re running your business with a team of your very own clones!

Let me tell you: putting strong, well-planned systems into place in your business leads to a LOT of benefits! It boosts your productivity like crazy. It cuts down on the time needed to complete your repeatable tasks. And it makes it SO MUCH EASIER to train new staff.

Where do you want to focus your system-building efforts?

In the areas that make your business money.

In the areas where you can WOW your customers.

In the areas that can lead to the biggest improvements in your personal and professional life.

Let’s get started!

In my latest podcast episode, you’ll discover:

  • How much time and effort you’ll save by investing a little time in preparing systems in your business!
  • The three major pieces that you need to include in your operations playbook
  • The crucial questions you must answer in order to build out an amazingly effective process
  • How building systems can actually make it easier to scale your business!

Listen below!

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02:24 We need more of you in the world … without you DOING more!
03:41 What brings money into your business?
05:54 “When you invest time in preparing, you accelerate time to implement more than 70%”
06:49 “Having strong, intentional systems will help you do repeatable tasks faster”
08:06 Prioritization is an important aspect of developing your systems
08:17 The three chapters of your operations playbook
11:32 What you need to consider when building out a process
13:43 Case Study: Three Boudoir
16:08 “The simplicity of a checklist is so powerful when it comes to system documentation”
17:08 How to use Google to help you develop your own systems
19:56 The ‘How,’ ‘What,’ and ‘Where’ of your operations playbook!
21:45 How systems ultimately support the scaling of your business

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