Expansion During a Pandemic? Yes, You Can!

by | Sep 10, 2020 | Blog, Interview

I have a very special guest for you in this episode. I’m chatting with the one … the only … Joanna Tiger, my incredible business partner in my boudoir photography business, Three Boudoir!


Joanna is an amazing businesswoman (and an amazing woman, period). Together, we built Three Boudoir up from a spark of an idea to a multi-city, scaled-up photography business, to an empowerment empire with online and in-person services and resources (throughout the middle of a pandemic, no less).


Throughout our years together, we have taught each other so much about partnership, success, and how to co-run a business effectively and compassionately.


And have a TON of fun doing it!


And now? We are sharing ALL of the secrets!


In my latest podcast episode, you’ll discover:

  • The #1 reason my photography business Three Boudoir took off (and is expanding like CRAZY!)
  • The perils of perfectionism, how it can hold you back from getting bigger, and the most effective way to avoid it!
  • Why the human side of your business deserves more attention—and how those efforts will benefit you tenfold!


Listen below!


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00:16 Welcome to our special guest! 

02:56 Make Fridays your time of reflection!

04:01 Three Boudoir – from scale-up to shutdown to scale-up again

08:16 The bigger the vision, the better!

09:01 Back to work in a COVID world

12:49 “There are things that aren’t ironed out, but we have so much confidence and so much clarity in what it is that we do.” 

14:27 Don’t get dragged down by perfection: “Just do it. We’ll figure it out as we go.”

16:02 With a fantastic team, you can do ANYTHING

18:02 You don’t always have to make a decision ‘right now’

21:46 The #1 reason Three Boudoir took off

24:56 How to *effectively* deal with nerves … and kill it regardless!

27:01 “We have to take care of the human side, otherwise what is business for?”

29:02 “Surround yourself with people who support and empower you”

29:57 Know your energy levels

32:20 You are worth it, and you are Right on Time!


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