Learning to trust the concept of living Right on Time

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Half the good things in my life came from half my mistakes.

We are talking about the concept of being Right on Time in this episode. 

Right on Time, to me, means knowing and trusting that everything happens on time in your life even if you don’t understand why something is happening. We often feel that things happen as an inconvenience to us, but what if that isn’t true? 

What if we can learn to appreciate the timing of even the heaviest moments?

Jodi Bourne is joining me in this conversation for this episode of the Right on Time podcast.  She has been on an incredible journey in her life from college plans being delayed, divorce, almost stumbling into an amazing career, a bipolar diagnosis, and so much more that has taught her all about being Right on Time. 

Jodi Bourne is an incredible vacation rental consultant who helps people who want vacation rentals to be a business. They take it to the next level, maybe beyond AirBNB. She helps her clients create an amazing experience, therefore helping them improve their guests’ experience.

In this latest podcast episode, you’ll discover:

  • The concept of living Right on Time
  • Finding trust in the Right on Time concept
  • Learning to love the mistakes and setbacks


Listen belowand discover the power of the Right on Time mindset.


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You are Right On Time. 


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01:21  About Jodi

03:19  What does Right on Time mean to you?

05:52  Realizing the good during the down times 

09:14  About Jodi’s business 

11:50  How that business came from being laid off

16:05  The unexpected turn 

19:49 What would you say to the person in the heaviness right now?

17:03  Polarity Thinking

19:50 How does creativity become woven in?

21:17 Learning to trust 

31:40 Where to connect with Karin

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