10 Lessons Learned in Growing my business

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10 Lessons for Growing in Business

I have been in business for 10 years with two different businesses, generating multi seven figures a year.

This has not come without making a few mistakes though! I was able to learn from those mistakes and picked up lessons along the way that I am sharing with you today. 

Of course, I also wanted to gift you with a couple of tools to learn even more about how we grew our business.  

Grow to 7 case study here: 

My Exact Focus Group Methodology


Both are great tools to help you in creating your own pathway to success. 

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Listen below …and discover the 10 lessons that I learned while growing my businesses

In this latest podcast episode, you’ll discover:

  • How (and why) you should focus on the problem
  • The Myth of the Visionary
  • Should you zig or zag?


Listen belowand discover amazing strategies for adapting your business. 

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You are Right On Time. 


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The Planathon

The Grow to 7 Case Study

The Modern CEO

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00:30  Lesson #1 – You don’t have to do it all

01:29  Lesson #2 – Focus on the problem

02:25  Lesson #3 – Sales and Marketing Strategy

04:15  Lesson #4 – Manage the Money

06:30  Lesson #5 – Hire Experts

07:28  Lesson #6 – The myth of the visionary

09:10 Lesson #7 – Not one size fits all 

11:12  Lesson #8 – Zigging or zagging?

12:21  Lesson #9 – Prepare today for tomorrow’s success

14:12 Lesson #10 – Plan and Community

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