Destiny, Mindfulness, Empowerment, and Cosmic Insights

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There are no Cliff Notes for women. 

And all the women I know are trying to hit on all cylinders, and a lot of times it just doesn't work. And then we feel left depleted, we feel left defeated.

Get ready for an incredible journey through JJ's life – from missing out on her dream college to a serendipitous blind date that led her to Ohio, where fate had something remarkable in store. But that's just the beginning.

JJ's childhood trips to Lake Erie became the foundation of her amazing wellness sanctuary. Her path to Ohio may not have been planned, but destiny had a grand design all along.

“I think the biggest thing for me was learning that my journey wasn't linear. It was messy, it had detours, but ultimately, it led me to where I am today.”

Here's the real kicker: JJ shares her life-changing experience with mindfulness training, breaking free from ceaseless future planning to embrace the magic of the present moment.

We'll dive into JJ's impressive achievements, including her women's group and mission to empower women navigating multiple roles. There's palpable empowerment as women open up about their struggles and offer unwavering support.

But wait, there's more! JJ authored three remarkable books – “The Working Woman's GPS,” “Accelerate Your Impact,” and “Seeking” – invaluable guides for modern women.

JJ and Amber explore soul alignment, divine timing, and the importance of following what feels right, not predetermined outcomes.

And let's not forget the enlightening chat about birth charts! JJ's passion for astrology and its insights into life's purpose is eye-opening.

Get ready to be uplifted, inspired, and empowered. Grab your favorite drink, hit that “play” button, and join us on a journey that'll stay with you. Happy listening!


In This Episode:

  • How to stop continuously planning for the future and get into action
  • JJ’s journey to wellness and creating her business
  • Transformation through Mindfulness – What it is and why you want it!
  • Soul alignment, divine timing, astrology, and birth charts, and following what feels right

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And if you're craving even more from JJ, don't forget to explore her book, “Seeking,” a deeply personal exploration of her remarkable journey. Plus, discover the incredible community she's cultivated at Togetherwiseek Online, where kindred spirits gather to support one another on their paths of self-discovery.



03:19 JJ’s story

08:23 The accomplishments of JJ

10:51 “Just doing good work is not gonna get you there”

13:52 The Divine Timing

16:11 Defining Birth Chart

18:53 How do people seek with comfort?

26:41 How does JJ know when it’s time

29:26 JJ’s forms of meditation

33:21 Where to find JJ


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