Cultivating True Happiness through Meaningful Connections

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Only 14% of all Americans report being very happy.

This stat comes from a study that Tamika, relationship expert extraordinaire shared with me from The University of Chicago. Tamika says that she isn’t very surprised by that stat given the rollercoaster life has been taking us all on with the pandemic and big shifts in other areas. We all want that happiness boost, but let's face it, sometimes we don’t even quite know what that means to us.

Tamika is here to let us know the secret to happiness. Are you ready to hear it? The secret is relationships.

She's not just saying this out of the blue. There's this legendary Harvard study that goes back decades, and guess what? It backs her up. Even some go-getter entrepreneurs participating in the study thought their biz was the key to their joy, only to find out that real happiness was hanging out with their peeps – family, friends, colleagues, and other wonderful people they’ve met along the way. This is very real science that supports that personal connection and relationships (both platonic and romantic) are what brings true happiness into our live.

But what lights up Tamika's passion for connections like a neon sign? It's a story that starts with loss but blooms into self-discovery and meaningful friendships.. Losing her dad at the age of 13 was like a cosmic nudge. She understood that life is short and sweet, so she set out to make those bonds in her relationships count.

The universe will test you in what you teach.

Tamika's all about taking life's pop quizzes. She's been through her share of relationship riddles, and that's where she sharpened her relationship toolbox. It's like she's cracked the code on what makes a bond tick. Her mission: build rock-solid connections that light up lives and help others do the exact same.

Stay tuned, because we're just scratching the surface of Tamika's insights. You won't believe the gems she's got to share about setting boundaries, dealing with ego, and finding your happiness groove through connections. It's like a masterclass in relationship wisdom.

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In This Episode:

  • What actually makes you happy
  • Creating and cultivating relationships
  • Communication in relationships
  • How your relationships affect you


Communication in relationships

All relationships need communication to survive and thrive. Whether this is a business relationship, a personal friendship, or your life partner. You need to be able to communicate effectively. Tamika has some wonderful insight into just that.

She says in her early twenties communication was not a skill she had, and that often left her feeling as if her relationships were all one-sided. She is an all-in-or-nothing kind of person so she would give everything and then feel as though that was never reciprocated. Her mother once told her that she couldn’t expect that in every relationship. While Tamika wasn’t ready to hear that just then, she now understands the wisdom in those words.

All relationships are a give-and-take with expectations that need to be communicated. Sometimes this means an uncomfortable conversation! That might mean being emotionally mature, sitting down, and being willing to be vulnerable. However, once the conversation is had and the issues resolved the relationship is stronger.

Tamika gives personal examples and even talks me through how to better communicate in certain situations with my husband in the episode.

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02:36 Why Tamika is so passionate about relationships

06:42 “One of the main things for relationships is to evolve and grow”

07:31 Tamika’s challenges in relationships

13:24 Defining boundaries in relationships

16:07 How to build a good relationship

20:36 Tamika’s business

22:08 How to get in touch with Tamika

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