Change Your Life in Around 7 Minutes Per Day

by | Nov 24, 2020 | Blog, Right On Time Podcast

Sometimes, creating the change you want can feel overwhelming.

It can be challenging to figure out exactly how to get from point A to point B — especially if you don’t have a map showing you the way.

The #1 way to create change is to get in ACTION. Which means you need an action plan!

Want to get started? Grab a piece of paper and a pen!

I want you to draw three columns. Column 1 will be titled Old Me — here, you list all the things you don’t want anymore. Staying up too late? Working on weekends? Eating too much pizza? (There is never too much pizza!)… this is where all of the old habits you want to get rid of will go.

Column 3 will be called New Me. This is where you list the things that you DO want. Better work-life balance. More dance parties. Doubling your revenue. This is the column for the good stuff that’ll make your life more awesome.

Column 2? That’s the action column!

Here, you’ll list the first actions steps that you’re going to take to transition from Column 1 (Old You) to Column 2 (the New, Improved, Amazing You).

Here’s what this looks like in action:

Old Me didn’t exercise consistently. New Me does. How did I get there?

I made a decision.

And then, I made a commitment.

That commitment part? THAT is the key to making it from Column 1 to Column 3. So what action did I commit to doing? Working out for just 7 minutes a day. That was my Column 2.

Is that a small step? Yes.

Did it gain traction and lead to more? Yes!

That 7 minutes created momentum… and turned into 14 minutes. Which turned into 21. Now I’m getting 30 or more minutes of exercise every day. And it all started with just 7 minutes!

7 minutes per day to move from Old Me to New Me. It doesn’t seem so daunting when you look at it this way, does it?

Now, I don’t want you to work on 10 different action steps at once. That’s a great way to get overwhelmed, give up on all of your commitments, and get stuck in inaction again!

Remember: you can’t boil the ocean.

Keep it simple: figure out which commitments you want to prioritize, and start with two of them.

What are your action steps for this month?

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