Membership 101: Building a Successful Membership with 15 Hours a Week (Part 1)

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Memberships 90% are lurking (just observing what is going on), 9% are moderate engagers, and 1% or less are super engagers.

This stat can actually cause membership owners to want to do more and more to get more engagement.

However, Memberships actually don’t need to take that much time to love up and give value to. Lisa Princic is all about creating and running a money-making membership with 15 hours (or less) of work per week!

Memberships really come down to a few things: differentiation, good structure, profitable pricing, and choosing the right marketing strategy.

It takes courage to build a business you believe in … and not just do what everyone else is doing.

This is the first line of Lisa’s about page and I love it. It absolutely does take courage to be different especially when you don’t know if it is going to work. Lisa made a great point in this episode that differentiation comes down to doing what feels aligned to you. You need to get clear on what value you add and how you want to provide it.

The structure of your membership is also a key element. Two elements to consider in terms of structure are pacing and different learning styles. You want to consider how you can add value to different levels of knowledge coming into your membership. Also consider how your members might learn best (and how you want to show up). Do you want to be on live calls once a week or are pre-filmed videos more for you? Lisa offers great insight on this during the episode along with a peek into what her membership’s structure is like.

Now let’s talk pricing!

Consider this: how many people do you want to invite in? Are you looking for high-volume, low ticket membership. Or would you prefer a more intimate setting where you can really get to know your members? Knowing the membership volume you are aiming for is going to help you set a price that is actually profitable.

Remember Memberships are also evolutionary. They are allowed to move and shift and change – just be sure to communicate those changes before and while they are happening. Smaller memberships can turn into large memberships (if you so choose).

Marketing your membership depends on where you are in your journey. Lisa walks us through the three methods: always open, limited evergreen, and live launching. These each have their benefits and their downsides. Your best launching method is going to depend on a few things: your experience with launching, your membership experience, and how you want to show up in your launch and your membership.

We also got the change to talk over some moves I am making in my new membership: Stay Goaldone

We launched. Hit a milestone and then we saw the plateau. We took a look at all the elements to see where we might be off. We know the content and the framework is right. We’ve been working on this for more than a decade! We’ll explore what might not be working in this case study in the episode!


Lisa’s advice here is something that you don’t want to miss:

  • Members in a membership are lurking (and that is not a bad thing) – This shocked me!
  • Structure your Membership Effectively
  • Price Your Membership Correctly
  • The pros and cons of always open, limited evergreen, and live launching


Listen belowand structure your membership in the most effective way!



You are Right On Time. 


1:50 Who is Lisa Princic
3:48 Building a membership
5:18 Defining Lurking: Not engaging does not mean not getting value
10:00 How to differentiate your membership design
13:34 Customizing your member’s journey
17:36 Communicating changes
19:39 How to start your membership
21:55 Marketing Membership Enrollment
25:35 Live Launching Cycle
30:48 Value Proposition Messaging
37:50 Having Confidence in your Offer
39:05 No Community Membership
42:15 Involving in your personal journey
43:37 Where to find Lisa Princic



Stay Goaldone


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