Boost Your Webinar Revenues by up to 10x!

by | Aug 11, 2020 | Blog, Guest Interview, Right On Time Podcast

Are you a naturally gifted public speaker?

If so, congratulations on your superpower! (And it IS a superpower, believe me!)

Speaking can be nervewracking for many people. (There’s a reason why public speaking is rated as the #1 phobia!). But it’s also an essential skill for anyone building an online business that includes webinars, masterminds, or video marketing.

And, what’s more, you need to master more than just the skill of public speaking.

You need to master speaking to SELL.

(That’s a WHOLE OTHER skill set!)

Learning how to speak in order to sell rather than just entertain can help you boost your webinar revenues from $5000 to $25,000… or even more!

Can you imagine how life changing that would be?

Luckily, I have a very good friend who is not only a GENIUS at speaking to sell, but has also developed a course designed to help ANYONE learn how to effectively build an incredible income through webinars and masterminds.

So, of COURSE I invited him onto the podcast!!

This week, I’m joined by the one and only Colin Boyd, the brains (and charm) behind the How to Speak and Sell on Virtual Stages program!


In my latest podcast episode, you’ll discover:

  • Why vulnerability affects your performance — and how to effectively prepare for a presentation!
  • How to craft and deliver a killer signature story that will help you sell!
  • Why even the best ‘how-to’ approach won’t help shift your audience’s mindset — and how to truly get them to commit!


Listen below!



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You are right on time.



02:40  Introducing our guest, Colin Boyd!

06:38  The similarities between offline stages and online stages

08:40  The importance of energy management in online spaces

11:12  The neuroscience of vulnerability and preparation

13:57  What’s your speaking goal? Sharp sell, soft sell, or no sell?

20:54  Infusion selling: tell them a story

23:26  “The main purpose of a signature story that sells is to share your story in a way that your audience forgets that they’re listening to your story, and they see themselves”

28:32  The balance between speaking to entertain and speaking to sell

31:10  “You dial in one good signature talk, and your entire life can change”

32:15  Nail down your signature story…or four

34:37  The #1 thing you need to keep in mind when developing your signature story

36:36  “Your audience doesn’t need all of the how-to…what they need is a greater level of commitment”

40:46  Construct your frameworks and create clarity of focus!

43:47  Avoid “death by webinar”

45:41  “Most people either get claps, or they get clients

48:29  How to Speak and Sell on Virtual Stages


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