I’m so excited to introduce you to Elizabeth King, a powerhouse entrepreneur who's not just chasing dreams but catching them!

As a 6-figure CEO and the brains behind Elizabeth King Coaching, she's on a mission to empower women to build thriving, heart-centered businesses.

It all started when countless women sought her guidance on turning their home-based business dreams into reality. Elizabeth didn't just give advice; she took action. That's how she created the Nationally Accredited Fertility Coach Academy (FCA), a platform where she's already coached and mentored over 35,000 women across 20+ countries, helping them become Certified Coaches themselves. She's also the charismatic host of the podcast “Creation Innovation” and the co-author of best-selling books, “Naturally Conceived” and “The Creative Lifebook.

Elizabeth King isn't just a CEO; she's a game-changer, helping women worldwide turn their passion into profit and make their dreams come true.

Of course, our conversation doesn’t stop at the entrepreneur-talk. Elizabeth is an expert on women’s health and is giving us so much insight into how we, as women, can support our health by understanding our cycles a bit better.

Taking care of you is so important. Improving your overall wellness will allow you to better show up in all areas of your life, including your business.

Pop on this episode to be inspired and get the inside scoop on your wellness, and feel free to connect with me in the comments here, on YouTube, or over on Instagram.


In This Episode:

  • How Elizabeth stepped into life coaching and you can too
  • How to balance multiple businesses at once and still have time left over
  • Use seed cycling to get more energy! 
  • The four phases of a woman’s cycle and why it matters for your business

In this episode, Elizabeth shares the secrets to balancing multiple businesses and finding harmony in the chaos. Trust me, balancing two businesses is no easy feat. Elizabeth has great insights on how to shift your focus and energy as needed.

And speaking of secrets, cycle synching seems to be a well-kept one. We'll dive deep into cycle synching and understanding the four phases of a woman's cycle. By acknowledging and utilizing these phases, you can optimize your creativity, networking, and self-care. Plus, Elizabeth lets us in on some incredible natural methods to address hormonal imbalances and painful periods.

But it doesn't stop there. Elizabeth also introduces the concept of seed cycling, where specific seeds can help balance your hormones naturally. And for those of you concerned about privacy, we've got you covered with reliable options for tracking your cycle, including basal body temperature.

And here's a little secret for you – tracking your cycle is not just for fertility purposes. It's vital for overall health and well-being, no matter where you are in your journey. Understanding your hormones can help make sense of your emotions and productivity patterns.

Ready to take control of your body and your business? Tune in now and be inspired to start seed cycling, track your cycles, and implement strategies that align with your feelings and needs. Don't miss out on this incredible conversation with someone who has truly made a difference in the world of fertility.



02:32 About Elizabeth

05:23 How did Elizabeth become a life coach

09:50 Elizabeth’s business model design

14:08 Tips on how to start being a coach

16:26 Defining Cycle Syncing

25:04 Why it’s important to track testosterone too

26:44 When should women use Basal Body Temperature

32:33 What’s the first step in tracking your cycle

34:38 How to get in touch with Elizabeth

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