Always Show Up As You Are!

by | Nov 24, 2020 | Blog, Right On Time Podcast

Here is a thought:
You don’t have to apologize for being you.

I’ll say it again: you do NOT have to apologize for being you!

In fact, you shouldn’t.

If you’re a person with a big laugh and a big heart and a big personality, that’s fabulous. If you’re quiet and prefer to observe and gather your thoughts before making a statement, that’s cool, too! Your style and vibe is a-okay, whatever it is!

And you should be around people who appreciate that!

If they don’t, then they are NOT your tribe.

As entrepreneurs, we have this amazing opportunity to build our own tribes of like-minded, amazing people who are on the same journey and can offer us incredible support. If you’ve found the right tribe, they will love the way that you show up — and they will show up for you as well!

So, stop apologizing for who you are.

Stop trying to make yourself smaller or bigger or anything that you’re not.

You are perfect as is and you are right on time!

Hi, I’m amber!

Eternal optimist, lover of dance parties, here to get more of you in the world and help you grow your dream business.


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