The Scoop: Africa, Meditation, and Motivation

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The Scoop is where I share all things new – business and personal – with you! We don’t have to reinvent the wheel when I can just share with you all the things that are working for me. 

I am here to give you the scoop on what is going on; some things I’ve been using, life updates, and more. 

Scoop #1 – Traveling and Heading to Africa

My family and I have officially been moved out of our house in Chicago for a couple of months now. We have spent time traveling and visiting with family. 

We are headed to the Ivory Coast (yup, as in Africa) in mid-August where we will be for about the next two years. The area we are moving too seems so beautiful and I’m enjoying learning more and more until we get there. 

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Scoop #2: Mini Meditations with Eye Motion

My friend and client, Amanda, has created this amazing resource called Eye-Motional Processes. These are easy to consume, 20 minute meditations that have been helping me through some of the chaos that comes with traveling and working and preparing for moves. I can’t recommend these enough.  

Eye-Motional Processes

Scoop #3: The Planathon Bonuses

October 3-7th The Planathon is coming. And it’s our 10th annual!! 

Ahhhh! I can hardly believe it! This is the 5 day live event where entrepreneurs come together to plan their best year yet. 

We have weekly gifts coming to your inbox when you get on the waitlist. You can sign up at the link below.  

Save my Spot!

You can also earn even more amazing prizes like a free upgrade to Planathon VIP when you refer friends to The Planathon. Which you can check out here: 

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SCOOP #4: Motivation as needed

I visit this website periodically when I am needing a little boost. It is called Great Day. It offers a quick read on different topics each day, which I find motivational and inspiring. 

Great Day Website

You are Right On Time. 


In this latest podcast episode, you’ll discover:

  • An update on my family’s move to Africa (and all the traveling we’re doing)
  • Meditation App that I’ve been using
  • Planathon Bonuses and Gifts
  • Website for Motivation

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You are Right On Time. 


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Eye-Motional Processes

The Planathon 

Refer Friends to The Planathon

Great Day Website

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