In a world where stories shape our lives, Nicole Christie stands out as a true storyteller.

She is the visionary founder and CEO of Tulla Productions, a storytelling studio that weaves the threads of connection between prominent brands, remarkable individuals, and their audiences. But Nicole's story isn't just about business success – it's about a journey of self-discovery, resilience, and the power of choosing oneself.

Nicole learned the necessity of choosing yourself in a trial by fire. While it was difficult, she has come out on this side as a beautiful, positive light in this world. Speaking with Nicole was a joy, and I can’t wait for you to hear her story.

Nicole's journey is one that's defined by trials and triumphs. She faced a series of medical challenges, including a rare and painful side effect of hand-foot-mouth disease, followed by a cancer diagnosis at the peak of the pandemic. These hurdles might have knocked many down, but Nicole saw them as messages from her own body. They were signals that she was not aligned with her true path. She took these notes from her body and began building her business while healing.

Life had more unexpected turns in store for Nicole. Amidst these shifts, she found herself facing a truth she had never anticipated: she might be in an abusive marriage. The weight of this realization eventually shifted from a tentative “I might be” to a resolute “I am.” Nicole very courageously embarked on a journey of seeking help for Narcissistic abuse, crafting a plan, and ultimately freeing herself from that situation

In a world brimming with stories, Nicole Christie's journey shines as a testament to the strength of the human spirit. Nicole’s story is an incredible tale of self-care, courage, resilience, and going after your goals. Her story serves as a beautiful reminder that even in the face of life's most daunting trials, the power to choose oneself can lead to extraordinary transformation.

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In This Episode:

  • Nicole’s survival story
  • Resilience in the face of adversity:
  • Rewriting life's script
  • How to recognize, survive, and thrive after narcissistic abuse
  • The art of choosing oneself



04:02 Nicole’s background

09:46 Nicole’s health survival story

20:04 “Good things happen to bad people. Bad things happen to good people.”

22:40 The modalities used by Nicole’s therapist

28:20 “You can’t see this silver lining until you acknowledge the cloud.”

30:57 The phases Nicole took from the personal to the professional stage

35:49 “You have to be ready to not be ready”

39:53 Where to find Nicole

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